Five conscripts and a cadet of the Military Institute die in Turkmenistan

In early September four conscripts doing military service died in the military unit located in the village of Shagal of Lebap velatyat. All of them were natives of the Garagum etrap, Mary velayat, who were drafted into the army in June.

According to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, the cause of their death is more likely to be bullying between conscripts hazing and fraternity of persons who are natives of the same area are pervasive in the Turkmen army.

The mother of one of the conscripts who died is employed in Turkey.When she found out about the death of her only child, she requested not to bury him until she returned.

Upon arrival, she first demanded a medical examination be carried out, which confirmed that the death was caused by a head injury.Numerous marks of beating were also identified on the young man’s body.

We have failed to find out whether an investigation is underway.

A criminal investigation is being carried out to look into another case, which is also related to the death of a conscript as a result of battery by fellow conscripts.

The incident occurred on 1 September in the military unit located in the city of Kerki, Lebap velayat.As soon as the soldier’s death was reported, the investigating officers of the military public prosecutor’s office arrived at the scene and nobody was allowed to leave the military unit for 10 days.

Those guilty have recently been detained.

“Chronicles of Turkmenistan” also learned about the death of a fourth year student of the Military Institute.Rovshan Bagbekov, born in 1998 in the village of Bairach, Yoleten etrap, Mary velayat, went missing in Ashgabat on 25 August.

On that day he had a leave warrant to visit his family members.However, he did not return to the educational establishment on the assigned date.His body was found in the fountain canal between residential districts Mir-1 and Mir-3.

The cause of death has not been identified for the time being.An investigation is still underway.

Let us recall that in July and August Radio “Azatlyk” reported the death of two conscripts, Suleiman Orazov and Ovezali Ekayev.

Later it transpired that Ekayev fell victim to hazing as well as another conscript who died and who had not been identified.

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