Frost and sun - weather forecast in Turkmenistan for a week

Frost and sun - weather forecast in Turkmenistan for a week

Today and tomorrow on the territory of Turkmenistan the increase of day temperature will start, on the south of Balkan velayat to +15, on the rest part of the country +1….+6.

The forecasters predict that some positive temperatures are expected during throughout the day, freezing weather cease, in the north and northeast it is frosty to -6…-13, -2…+3 in afternoon.

In the second half of the week, a wet cyclone from the north-west will affect the territory of Turkmenistan, as a result the average daily temperature is expected to rise slightly, rain and snow is possible, according to the data of the

Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.

In the Balkan velayat, the nighttime thermometer will show minus 5 ... +7 degrees, in the daytime plus 3 ... +15, and in the coastal regions from 3 to 8 degrees. The western wind will intensify, blowing at a speed of 11-16 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure is 771 mm Hg.

In Ahal velayat this week forecasters foretell the weather with variable cloudiness, at night the air temperature will vary within -7 ... +5, but during the day it will get warmer up to +12 degrees, atmospheric pressure will be 754 mm Hg.

In Mary velayat, the weather is expected to be cloudy with clearings.Nighttime temperatures will not drop below minus 3 ... 6 degrees, but during the daytime the advantage is positive up to +12 degrees, and even the rays of the sun will still delight in the first half of the week.

The wind will blow from the southeast at a speed of 4-8 m/s.The atmospheric pressure will be 750 mm Hg.

In Lebap velayat, cloudy weather is predicted, at nights the thermometer will show from 0 to - 9 degrees of frost, but in the daytime, it may be 0 ... - 4 degrees. Cloudy weather is expected in the second half of the week. The wind will be southwest, moderate. Atmospheric pressure - 756 mm Hg.

Residents of Dashoguz velayat of Turkmenistan this week expect cloudy weather with clearings with truly winter frosts. At night, the temperature will drop to -13. But during the day it will get warmer up to +3 degrees. Wind will be southwest at a speed of 7-12 m/s. Atmospheric pressure - 766 mm Hg.

In Ashgabat, as per forecasters predictions, it will turn warm to 10-11 degrees of warmth, frosts will stop.In the capital city, it will be cloudy with clearings, in the second part of the week the rain with snow is predicted.

According to the forecasts of the specialists, the air will warm up during the day up to 0...+5°С.Wind will be northwest at a speed of 7-11 m/s.

At evening and night stem of a thermometer will show -1...-3°С.Atmospheric pressure is 748 mm Hg., at night - 750 mm Hg.

In such weather, it is recommended mostly stay at home, reduce physical activity and drink hot tea.

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