“Guneshli Zaman” Company Sponsored the Film Festival

“Guneshli Zaman” Company Sponsored the Film Festival

A week of Turkmen films and a festival-competition of short films of Turkmen film directors were held in the Turkmen capital from 10 to 16 May. As part of this cultural event, residents and guests of the capital were able to get acquainted with the works of the Turkmen film masters.

Among the sponsors of the film festival was the company “Guneshli Zaman”. It should also be noted that the company is a sponsor of the Thai Boxing Federation in Turkmenistan. This sport is gaining more and more popularity among the youth of our country.

“Guneshli Zaman” is known as a real estate expert. The scope of the company includes not only the purchase and sale of real estate in the capital, but also individual construction.

In addition, the specialists of “Guneshli Zaman” provide their clients with a number of related services, for example, the development of a 3D model, interior design, assistance with moving, as well as discount vouchers for some services and purchases.

The policy of the “Guneshli Zaman” company is professionalism, consistency, focus on the quality of services, transparency of all work processes and procedures, ensuring the protection of clients from possible risks.

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