Art competition and exhibition showcases best works by students of Academy of Arts

Organized in the Academy of Arts gallery, an exhibition of young painters, sculptors and artisans impresses visitors with a blend of soaring imagination and original art style.The exhibition features 235 works, including paintings, small sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, carpets, and designer crafts.

On display is jewelry with truly fascinating women’s filigree necklaces.Made by sixth-year student Enebai Annaberdyeva, the brass and German silver Gunesh necklace encrusted with carnelian and turquoise draws visitors’ attention with its exquisite splendor.

The student has managed to combine the metal and gemstones so harmoniously and skillfully that this necklace will make any woman feel like a Peri (a beautiful fairy-like creature).

Third-year student Merjen Byashimova presented a fine graphic painting, “A Visit to Grandmother’s” produced in brown shades.The atmosphere of a joyous reunion of an elderly woman with her grandchildren, who came to a village from a city, radiates positive energy.

The adorable puppy, the kitten, playing with a ball of yarn, and the kindest grandmother all of them ooze sincerity and charm.Three fourth-year students Jeren Babaeva, Jeren Ataeva and Aibolek Babajanova exhibit a composition of six still-life paintings.

Each of them has chosen the themes of fruits, arranged in a pattern on canvas, and of folk musical instruments.The girls used an original technique for applying a thin undercoat layer to give the painted objects relief.

Worthy of note is the originality and creative idea of a tapestry painting, “Golden Autumn”, in gold and pink by Zubeida Sytdyhova.On a falling yellow maple leaf Zubeida painted the autumn landscape with a gurgling river, trees and a brilliant blue sky.

And while the leaf is still falling, we can admire the beauty of the landscape-in-landscape painting.The exhibition features a number of very realistic-looking portraits of eminent art figures of Turkmenistan Handurdy Berdyev, Vladimir Bagdasaryan, Kakajan Ashirov, Vera Gyllyeva, among others.

No doubt, the best of them is a portrait of Saragt Babaev by Baky Sytdykov.The sixth-year student of the Academy has accurately captured the exact likeness of the renowned sculptor and breathed life into the portrait as though Saragt Babaev were looking into the mirror with a magnifying effect.

Guncha Ataeva is particularly good at depicting a production process, judging by a triptych, “A Garment Factory”.Spacious sewing shops and working sewers seem true to life and realistic enough to “hear” the noise created by the sewing machines.

Of particular note is the blue, red and white color palette of the triptych that perfectly captures the spirit of the scene.The blue, red and white colors in a painting, “An Ankle Bone Shooting Game”, by third-year student Baky Mommaev, have a completely different role to play.

The artist added sunlight, having shifted the focus away from a simple plot towards a happy atmosphere and positive emotions of the boys, playing a folk game.The 2018 Amul-Khazar Motor Rally is definitely the most popular theme that runs throughout the exhibition.

Obviously, men have the prerogative here.The extreme desert race is a breathtaking spectacle, and paintings created by the Academy’s students convey the strong feeling of growing excitement.

Fourth-year student Guncha Ataeva took a different approach to the issue; her painting shows the work of journalists filming the rally aboard a helicopter.Ceramist Gulkhanym Durdyeva amused visitors with her seven funny-looking musicians performing at a concert.

Despite being a first-year student and young, she has innate physiognomic talent and the ability to attribute individual personality to her characters.Four-year student Ali Satdyhov presented two paintings titled “Avaza”.

Both of them portray the same motorboat, the same people aboard, and the same seascape in the distance.The only striking difference between them is the mood.The central message that the artist wants to get across to his viewers is that joy and open emotions change the world.’ The student exhibition has demonstrated that young artists have a creative outlook on life and personal views on the ways of promoting arts, and are willing to create a dialogue with viewers through art interpretation.

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