Heat wave in Turkmenistan sets new records

Abnormally high temperatures which have set in in Turkmenistan in May are setting new records.

According to “Meteojournal”, on 5 June the outside temperature in Turkmenabat (formerly, Chardjou) reached 45,1°C. This the highest temperature recorded in the city in June since 1894 when the meteorological observation service was set up.

On 3 June some areas of Balkan and Dashoguz velayats as well as the Akhal province experienced heat waves.

The temperature of 46,4°C was recorded in the village of Ekezhe and Erbent as well as in the city of Bakharden.In the village of Serakhsand the city of Gyzylarbat the outside temperatures was recorded at 46,1°C and 46°C respectively these are maximum records for both settlements.

Radio “Azatlyk” reported that the abnormal heat waves have caused an increase in the death rate in Mary velayat. According to correspondents of the Radio, every day 10 to 12 people aged 40 to 50, who have died because of the health consequences of extremely high temperatures, are buried on the cemetery of Bairamaly etrap.

Journalists of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” point out that ambulance stations are receiving more calls from patients complaining about their deteriorating health because of the heat.

According to the news outlet Turkmen news, as of 2 June the extremely high temperatures resulted in a shortage of drinking water in Ashgabat. For this reason water is supplied in many districts of the capital only in the daytime.

During a meeting held on 2 June President Gurbanguly Berdymukammedov drew attention to the increased load on electrical networks because residents are using air-conditioners en masse.

The head of state instructed that the heads of the provinces save money on street lighting and neon advertising.

On 4 June, after the hot summer weather set in Berdymukhammedov charged Deputy Prime Minister overseeing trade Chary Gylydzhov to boost the production of ice cream and fruit juices.The post Heat wave in Turkmenistan sets new records first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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