ImdatBot invites young programmers and roboticists to participate in the battle of robots

ImdatBot invites young programmers and roboticists to participate in the battle of robots

Turkmen educational center of children's robotics ImdatBot will hold team competitions in robotics Imdatbot Cup 2022 on October 26.

Schoolchildren born between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2014 are invited to participate; age is confirmed by presenting a birth certificate at registration, it is also necessary to have a copy of the document with you.

Participants who do not meet the age requirements are not permitted to compete.You can pre-register any day before the start of the competition.

Each participant becomes a member of a team of three.You cannot be a member of more than one team.Each team must have one laptop with the mblock 5 software installed on it and present one mBot of a standard configuration at the competitions (more details about the configuration of the robot and its properties can be found when registering for the competition).

The competition includes three tasks (one managed and two autonomous) that the team must complete in the shortest possible time. Participants will be given 90 minutes to program the robot, during which time they will not be permitted to use any outside help.

The team championship will be held on October 26 at the ImdatBot Educational Center at the address: street Hero of Turkmenistan Atamurat Niyazov, 147 (Merdana building). Phones for consultations: (+993 12) 41 42 52, (+993 62) 90 00 69.

The competition starts at 10-00, from 9-00 to 09-45 there will be a registration of participants. Winners will be revealed on the same day based on the sum of points scored for three tasks.

Download regulations.

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