Inhabitants of residential districts MIR-1 and MIR-2 to be evicted from their homes during the Asian Games

On 10 April “the Chronicles of Turkmenistan” reported that the families residing in apartment houses located in front of the sports facilities on Turkmenbashi Avenue had received notification from the khyakimlik’s office demanding that they move out from their apartments during the Asian Games.

Another source of “the Chronicles of Turkmenistan” confirmed this report.The inhabitants of the apartment blocks located along Turkmenbashi Avenue (residential districts MIR-1 and MIR-2 located in front of the Olympic village) will be evicted during the Asian Games-2017.

The inhabitants were notified by the employees of house administrations who asked them to relocate to family members.Dormitories will be provided to those who have no place to go to.

However, it is unknown for the time being what accommodation will be provided.

Satellite aerials and air conditioners, which allegedly spoil the exterior of the buildings, have been dismantled.

The inhabitants are barred from installing even compact cooling units.Some people have come up with a solution to install air conditioners on the floor of the balcony or in the hallway.

From the outside the apartment buildings are covered with metal panels to make sure they fit into the overall white marble landscape of the capital.

These districts are patrolled by law-enforcement officers round-the-clock.Road inspection staff use loud speakers to make people remove cars from Turkmenbashi street and from the yards in case they are seen from the road.

If a vehicle owner does not take his car away, the traffic police remove the car plate without notifying the driver where the vehicle can be collected.

Officers from the National Security Ministry with portable radio sets constantly maintain public order in the residential districts MIR-1 and MIR-2 and prevent residents from smoking on the street.

Public utilities workers recently worked in the yards scrubbing the streets and basements, dismantling sticking out chimneys from gas flow-type calorifiers, sealing holes with concrete, applying concrete to pavements and entrance halls, painting walls and curbs, cutting down trees and digging out plants.

It is reported that during the Asian Games vehicles will be denied access to the districts which are located near the Olympic village.All institutions (stores, pharmacies and hospitals) and restaurants and fast food outlets located along Turkmenbashi Avenue will be inspected by various authorities.

Car parks are located nearby but it is forbidden to park vehicles there.Therefore residents try to park their cars in the yards.All these measures spark discontent among the residents of the capital.

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