Kindergarten staff talk about extortions by inspecting commissions and children’s malnutrition

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that every three months kindergartens are inspected by a commission from Turkmenbashi etrap, Dashoguz velayat.

Kindergarten principals are notified of a visit by the commission, which is comprised of representatives of the khyakimlik’s office, education department, public health authority, the Interior Ministry, the NSM, public prosecutor’s offices and the fire fighting service.

Prior to the arrival of the commission each staff member of a pre-school establishment (teachers, сare givers, cooks, laundrywomen and supply and maintenance managers) donates 50 manats to the kindergarten principal.

That money is handed over to an official of the khyakimlik’s office or the education department.

The commission then inspects only the stand with the current portrait of the President and the flag to make sure they meet the requirement and signs a form.

The principal of one of the kindergartens complained that the members of the commission are not concerned about the problems faced by almost each pre-school establishment, ranging from the lack of drinking water and poor nutrition to shortages of furniture and educational toys.

According to her, a year and a half ago the food ration allocated by Consumers Union consisted of 50 grams of milk and one egg per child.

Two kilos of sugar and enough bread a day was allocated to the kindergarten.Now they are supplied only with pasta and one flatbread per four children.At a meeting in the education department kindergarten principals brought up this issue but the head of the department said that we should not expect any improvement in grocery supplies.

Like beggars, we have to approach heads of agricultural associations that occasionally can hand over a sack of rice.When our fellow villagers organize sadaka (charity lunches), they bring meat or home-made food to the kindergarten pilaf or dograma.

The state educational establishment is basically funded by our residents, – the woman said.The post Kindergarten staff talk about extortions by inspecting commissions and children’s malnutrition first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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