Members of the student team at the Ariel Mathematical Olympiad won Medals of all merits

Turkmen students won seven medals of various dignity at the 10th Open International Mathematics Academic competition, which was held at the University of the Israeli City Ariel.

25 teams became the participants of high profile intellectual competition, which includes 100 students from higher educational institutions from Israel, Bulgarian, Russian, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

Our country participating in this Academic competition since 2008 was represented by students of the Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli, the International University for the Humanities and Development, as well as the institutes: agricultural, energy, pedagogical name of S.Seydi and architectural-construction.

Mentors of the national team became Head of the Department of Mathematical Analysis of TSU Nurmukhammed Gurbanmammedov and the lecturer of the department of exact and natural sciences of International University for the Humanities and Development Pirmurad Gurbanov.

Turkmen students won medals of all merits.The third year student of the mathematical faculty of the TSU Murat Chashmov was awarded the gold.Three silver medals winners were Nuri Atajanov (Turkmen Agricultural Institute), Dovran Nurgeldiyev and Ilshat Valiev from the State University.

Bronze success was achieved by: Mekan Khojaev (Energy Institute), Perman Iljanov (International University for the Humanities and Development) and Agaserdar Yollyev (TSU).

The National Mathematical Team took the third place in the medal standings and the second - in the nomination Blitz Competition, where the solving tasks speed was rated.The representatives of the Turkmen state university named after Makhtumkuli became the owners of the third place in two categories for speed, way of thinking, logic and creative approach to solving complex problems.

For participants at the end of the Academic competition were organized excursions to the places of interest of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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