Names of the winners of national young singers contest are announced

The President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution, according to which all talented singer listed below, who took part in TV contest Yaňlan, Diýarym!in honour of the 27th anniversary of the Independence under the Türkmeniň Altyn asyry contest, which is held among literature, culture and art personnel, amateur young singers and talented children, are announced as the winners and awarded with the gold chain of the President of Turkmenistan:

Bezirgen Hajiyev, the artist and dancer of Lachyn folk choreographic ensemble of Türkmenhowaýollary Service from Ashgabat;

Shamyrat Hojaguliyev, the clerk, Manager assistant of Hasardag Private Enterprise from Ahal Velayat;

Muhammet Meredov, the soldier of the State Borderguard Service of Turkmenistan, the artist of Serhet owazlary music and choreographic ensemble;

Ogulbyabek Jummiyeva, the choreographer of the cultural house of Shabende administration division, of Ruhunelent etrap, Dashoguz Velayat;

Atajan Hojakuliyev, the student of velayat specialized art school, Lebap Velayat;

Annajemal Gurbangeldiyeva, the leading specialist of Production and Economic Section of Garagumderýasuwhowdangurluşyk Department of Garagumderýagurluşyk Production Association of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of Turkmenistan.

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