Topical exposition in the Museum of Visual Arts is a dedication to Ashgabat 2017 Games

The Museum of Visual Arts expanded the exhibition of painting and sculptural works dedicated to the Games.The exposition presents the works of the members of the Union of Painters of Turkmenistan, students and teachers of the State Arts Academy as well as the works from museum collections.

The exhibition is opened by the picture with symbolical name “Welcome to Ashgabat 2017 Asian Games” made by the student of the Academy Gurban Babatajayev, Dunyagozel Akyniyazova and others.

The main characters of the canvas are the symbol of V Asian Games friendly alabay Vepaly and the participants of 500-day horse ride, which was dedicated to the Games, who communicate the inspiration and celebration mood of the country awaiting for the largest sports event of the year.

The portraits of Turkmen sports celebrities are widely presented in the exposition.There is numerous powerlifting champion Altymurad Orazdurdiyev among them, whom the series of works by Nurat Hojakuliyev is dedicated.

Smiling Murad, who again became the triumpher of the championship and won another gold for the Motherland, looks from the podium on the “Victory” picture.The canvas broadcasting the energy of victory invariably attracts the attention of spectators.

On the picture next to it, his mother embraced her son.Nurat Hojakuliyev managed to transfer the pride and admiration associated with the name of our outstanding compatriot in our memory in the image of endless mother’s love.

Outstanding Turkmen judo wrestler Jennet Geldybayeva is a main character of the work by Tamara Kiselyova. Having made an emphasis on expressive radiant eyes and fine face features, the artist showed that sport talent evidenced by gold medals does not detract the beauty and femininity of the sportswoman.

Famous judo coach Nasida Surkiyeva was the hero of the work of Gulnaz Razygulova.Friendly and open face of the mentor, who trains Turkmen masters in one of the most popular martial arts, wins by its charming.

The gallery of images of famous athletes, which names entered the history of Turkmen sports, is continued by the section speaking of the heat of competition.

Picture of student of the Arts Academy Lachyn Bayliyeva “Cycling Racers” attracts among numerous works dedicated to the cycling.The artist pictured the group of bicycle riders making full speed along the road encircling the facilities of the capital Olympic village.

There are plenty of air, passion and dynamics highlighted by the reflection of the race on the wet asphalt in the picture.

Lachyn is very good in sports subject. In “Basketball Players” work, the players of contesting teams fight desperately for the ball. The painter precisely conveyed emotional peak of sharp moments of the match. Even the anxiety of the fans in the stands is felt.

Great number of works is dedicated to 500-day equestrian ride on occasion of 2017 Asian Games.Many of them are already known to the visitors from academic exhibitions.

Interesting work “Golden Sports.Show Jumping” was presented by Gyzylgul Hudayberdiyeva.The horse and the rider joined together not only physically but mentally in their strive to win.

Speed, technique and full understanding of the jockey and the horse are three main components of victory and it was brightly reflected by the artist.

National Turkmen wrestling Gyoresh was also one of the popular themes for artistic embodiment and presented in various genres.The work “Fight” by Berdy Sariyev is very interesting.

The author pictured the wrestlers in blue and orange colours.Two colours are like two rivals.The light of strong projector attracting the attention of the spectators makes bright circle, where the wrestling goes.

Colour solution and the expression of the wrestlers are very peculiar.

People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Mered Gylyjov in his picture “Gyoresh” portrayed the wrestlers in colourful strokes, having focused the perception of the spectators at emotional heat of the fight.

Wonderful picture by Sergey Beglyarov “Checkers Players” from the collection of the museum was an adornment of thematic exposition.Sergey Beglyarov studied together with Olga Mizgiryova and Byashim Nuraly in Intensified Oriental Arts School and was one of the founders of Turkmen painting.

The interesting angle, from the top, divides the picture in two parts: there are two players on one and the checkers board on another.The checkers just like the chess is intellectual game and judging by the high current piercing through the players, the tension reached its peak.

Submerging into the atmosphere of inspiration, transparency and positive mood, the exposition achieves its purpose it awakes sports spirit, strive for healthy life style and achievement of personal goals of the visitors.

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