New Infectious Diseases Hospital Opens in Turkmenistan’s Ahal Velayat

New Infectious Diseases Hospital Opens in Turkmenistan’s Ahal Velayat

The opening ceremony of a new Infectious Diseases Hospital for 200 beds in Gokdepe etrap of Turkmenistan’s Ahal velayat, with the participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, was held on Friday, TDH news agency reports.

The new 3-storey complex of buildings of the hospital has all the necessary conditions for the treatment of acute respiratory infections and tonsillitis, intestinal infections, jaundice and other infectious diseases, including those of unclear etiology.

The hospital, built and equipped in accordance with international standards, can simultaneously accept 200 patients, adults and children, for an inpatient treatment. The medical facility consists of the following departments: viral hepatitis, infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, intestinal infections, especially dangerous infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets.

The Admission Department consists of 5 specialized rooms designed for the initial examination of patients with various infectious diseases and the provision of first aid.

In addition to inpatient departments, the structure of the new hospital includes a Laboratory, a Functional Diagnostic Department, a Surgery, Intensive Care and Obstetrics Department, and a Physiotherapy and Dispensary Department.

All of the departments are provided with the latest medical and technical equipment, as well as medical products manufactured in Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Japan, USA, South Korea, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, the UK and China.

Nusaý Ýollary Individual Enterprise started the construction of the new Infectious Diseases Hospital in November 2018.

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