Orthodox Christians of Turkmenistan welcomed Easter

Orthodox Christians of Turkmenistan welcomed Easter

The main holiday Easter Sunday was marked by orthodox Christians of the whole world in the night from May 1 to May 2. The solemn night divine services were held and in churches of Ashkhabad sacred Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas Church.

By the tradition, believers brought with themselves baskets with Easter cakes, coloured eggs and other pastries to receive blessing and for the first time after the 49-day Great Lent to start not Lenten food.

Consecration of Easter viands occurs in such a manner that the priest sprinkles the spread out meal with holy water, executing thus Easter church chanting.

Having come back home from the church, Christians bear a good news about the resurrection of Christ and hand over to the friends and relatives of different nationalities celebratory Easter cakes and coloured eggs. And those in exchange treat with their in advance prepared sweets brushwood, pishme, Gata bread, sweets and biscuits.

It is necessary to note that in Turkmenistan for a long time on this kind and bright holiday of Easter representatives of all faiths unite. This day it is customary to visit each other and to give gifts.

This year the celebration of Easter by orthodox Christians coincided with the month of Oraza, sacred for all Moslems. Throughout the entire period of fasting believers do good deeds, visit their relatives, give the needy food and hope that their prayers will be heard.


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