Parahat Atayev won bronze at the Asian Freestyle Wrestling Championship among cadets

Parahat Atayev won bronze at the Asian Freestyle Wrestling Championship among cadets

Freestyle wrestler Parahat Atayev became the bronze medalist of the Asian freestyle wrestling championship among cadets in the weight up to 80 kilograms.

In the quarterfinals in the weight category up to 80 kg, in which 10 athletes competed for awards, he defeated Yakov Chaplin (Kyrgyzstan) - 4:2. However, then the Turkmen athlete lost to the vice-champion of Asia-2022 Askhab Hajiyev (Kazakhstan) - 0:10, and in the fight for third place lost to Muhammadamin Abdulloyev (Tajikistan) - 0:10.

In the final of the tournament in freestyle wrestling up to 80 kg, an athlete Askhab Hajiyev from Kazakhstan and a native of India Parvinder Singh competed.As reports the publication “Championship”, the final was stopped - Askhab Hajiyev was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior, and his opponent became the champion of Asia.

Hajiyev was completely removed from the final protocol of the tournament for a fight, now he faces a long suspension.The wrestler lost not only the gold, but also the silver award.

After reviewing the results, the bronze medal of the Asian Championship was awarded to Parahat Atayev from Turkmenistan.

Now the Turkmen team has four awards: one gold and three bronze medals.

The Asian Wrestling Championship among youth and cadets will end on June 26. For the first time, the Asian Wrestling Championship is held simultaneously in two age categories - under 17 and under 23 years old.

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