Parents of Turkmenistan’s school graduates argue about the amounts for gifts to teachers

Since late April parents of graduates of Turkmen schools have been making money contribution to purchase gifts for teachers.

Wealthy parents are arguing with less well-to-do families about the amount of money which needs to be collected for gifts.In particular, parents of graduates in secondary schools №10 and №21 of Mary and schools №3, №5, №8 of the city of Bairamaly, Mary velayat propose to contribute 200 manats from each student ($57 using the official rate or $10 at the “black market” rate) in order to present Turkey-made gold bracelets to class supervisors and deputy school principals.

However, many families cannot afford this amount and claim they are unable to chip in for the time being.

Parents are also arguing about the width of bracelets. Some insist that bracelets with the width of 24 mm should be presented whereas others believe that the width of 18 mm will be enough.

Those parents who want their children to have high school diplomas with good grades are preparing separate gifts (lengths of expensive fabric) for a class supervisor and a school principal.

At the same time administrations of schools in Lebap velayat have received warning from the education board that the NSM and the public prosecutor’s office will be punishing educators and school administrations for accepting expensive gifts from school graduates.

As viewed by officials, graduates can present a carpet, a clock or some other expensive items to the school which will be kept in an educational establishment (in the assembly hall, in the museum or a hall) with a commemorative inscription indicating what year and what class presented the gift to the school.

However, in the region parents unofficially chip in to buy gifts to purchase gifts to teachers so that their children receive high school diplomas with good grades.The post Parents of Turkmenistan’s school graduates argue about the amounts for gifts to teachers first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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