Poultry Farming Grows in Turkmenistan

Poultry Farming Grows in Turkmenistan

The poultry farm of the Röwşen-Rahym Economic Society located in the Kaka etrap of Turkmenistan’s Ahal velayat is presently raising a total of 92 thousand chickens.

Feeding and watering of the birds and cleaning works at the factory are automated. Chickens are fed twice a day, and each of them is capable of laying 400 eggs in 90 weeks, Turkmenistan’s Watan Habarlary news program reported on Thursday.

The farm has the capacity to produce 30 million eggs annually. The temperature in the hen houses is constantly maintained at 24°C. In case of overheating, the air temperature in the houses is regulated using specialized units.

In the workshop for keeping chicks, the temperature is maintained at 35-36°C. Upon reaching 90 days of age, young chicks are transferred to special cages. At 20 weeks of age, they weigh more than 1 kilogram and are already capable of laying eggs.

94% of the poultry hens lay eggs, and the average weight of each egg is 60 grams. The main food ration of the hens in the farm is soybeans, corn, cereals, a small amount of barley and wheat bran. The company regularly vaccinates chickens.

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