Precast Concrete Plant in Northern Turkmenistan Expands Its Product Range

Precast Concrete Plant in Northern Turkmenistan Expands Its Product Range

Plant of precast concrete products in Turkmenistan’s northern velayat of Dashoguz has established the production of all necessary components for the construction of a multi-apartment large-panel residential building of the 148-U series, the country’s official media reported on Wednesday.

In recent years, more than ten multi-storey residential buildings have been built in Dashoguz velayat from reinforced concrete panels and other components manufactured at the plant, which operates under the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan, according to the report.

A few years ago, the plant was completely reconstructed. The plant updated most of its workshops’ equipment, installing new modern bridge cranes, machines for cutting and bending, cold stretching and spot welding, and for other types of rebar processing.

The plant in Dashoguz also operates new high-performance multicast, a concrete mixing unit, a new compressor unit, a steam generator. Such technical re-equipment allowed the enterprise not only to expand the range and volume of products produced annually, but also to actively participate in housing construction, the Turkmen media reports.

Residential buildings of the 148-U series are mainly four-storey large-panel buildings, with spacious dimensions and high ceilings. The total area of the four-room apartment reaches 120 square meters and a three-room apartment exceeds 100 square meters.

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