President of Kyrgyzstan is interested in export products Miweli ülke

President of Kyrgyzstan is interested in export products Miweli ülke

The individual enterprise Miweli ülke, which supplies fruits and vegetables throughout the country, demonstrated its achievements at the exhibition of export products of Turkmenistan taking place in Ashgabat.

The company cooperates with fruit and vegetable producers throughout the country. Fruits and vegetables are carefully selected and packaged, thanks to which they always reach the consumer in their freshest form.

Fruits and vegetables from Miweli ülke aroused keen interest in the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Japarov, who arrived in Turkmenistan on an official visit the day before.

In addition to fruit and vegetable products, IE Miweli ülke under the Hoşwagt trademark produces several types of instant coffee, sticks with honey from glazed rice and wheat, corn and wheat chips, crackers, a number of products obtained from grain processing, as well as recently entered production of Jooy caramel.

Hoşwagt products are exported to many countries, in particular, corn and wheat chips are supplied to Kyrgyzstan.

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