President of Turkmenistan names a new park and inspects the Karakum Hotel under construction

President of Turkmenistan names a new park and inspects the Karakum Hotel under construction

On Tuesday, having continued the inspection of important new projects in Ashgabat, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has visited a number of facilities. Among them, the Karakum Hotel and a park that will be created next to the hotel.

One of the largest new construction sites of the capital is located in the northern part of the city and is a complex of facilities, which combines, in addition to a fashionable hotel and business center of extraordinary architectural design, a vast green area and a shopping and entertainment center.

Considering its location at the intersection of A.Niyazov and Hoja Ahmet Yasavi streets zone, next to the new special school No. 21, including a kindergarten, as well as the Jahan creative center, the park that is scheduled to be opened here will become a place where children would be happy to spend time.

That is why the project provided for four underground passages to ensure the safe crossing of the roadway.

The park covers an area of almost 10 hectares; it will be decorated with a fountain complex a central one and another eight located on rays-paths that start from the central fountain to resemble the main decorative element of national architecture the star of Oguzhan.

At some distance, the capital’s International Airport terminal building, the design of which expresses a huge falcon in flight, can be seen.

Having considered it, while getting acquainted with the design details of the new “green” facility in Ashgabat, the Head of State proposed to name the park as “Lachin”, which means “Falcon”.

The social infrastructure of this fully renovated area will also include a shopping and entertainment center with an area of almost 9 hectares.

Continuing his working trip, the President has visited the Karakum Hotel that is under construction and which to be commissioned on the eve of the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan.

The 9-storey building of the hotel, the smooth wavy contours of which are visible at the intersection of A.Niyazov and Yasavi streets, will have 87 comfortable rooms, including Suite, Luxury and Super-Luxury classes.

As any fashionable hotel, there will be restaurants, swimming pools, a fitness room, a tennis court and other high-class facilities that organically complementing the architectural ensemble.For business events, it is also foreseen a business center that embody the image of a Turkmen yurt.

The main feature of the hotel is its shape the building resembles sand dunes, and their fluid dynamics gives the complex an expressive aesthetics that expresses the image of the fantastic landscapes of the Karakum Desert. Soft sandy color palette of the interior design also matches the white-goldish glaring of the facade.

The President of Turkmenistan walk into one of the rooms, and having examined its interior furnishings, noted that national style and using innovative technologies are mandatory requirement to create the most comfortable conditions that have to reflect traditions of hospitality of the Turkmen people.

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