Prices for soft drinks in Turkmenistan increase threefold

Together with prices for food products Turkmenistan has seen a considerable price increase for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that prices have soared in the past month. If in 2017 the prices for soft drinks increased gradually by 0,5-1 manat per month, now the prices have skyrocketed by 2 to 10 manats.

The price “Coca Cola” saw the biggest increase. The price for a 1 liter bottle, which had been sold at 3,5 manats and then increased to 10 manats, is now sold at 16 manats.

Following Coca-Cola, the price for “Pepsi” also went up. The price for a half liter bottle soared from 1 to 5 manats.

Prices for domestically produced soft drinks are also significantly soaring:

Since the start of 2017 the price for “Akdash” tea (0,5 l)skyrocketed from 1 to 3 manats, i.e. by 200%, with 100% of the growth being recorded in the past two months.

The price for “Gosha Chinar” drink (0,5 l)soared from 1,5 to 5 manats, i.e. by 233%. The main growth of 150% was recorded last month.

The price for a sparkling soft drink (1,5 l) manufactured by “Tolkun” increased from 1 to 4 manats or by 300% with 150% of growth being recorded over the past two months.

The price for water (1,5 l)increased by 250%. If in 2017 a bottle of water cost 1 manat, now it is being sold at 3,50 manats.

The price for sparkling water (a 1,5 liter bottle) went up by 300% from 1 to 4 manats.

The prices for alcoholic drinks are also going up:

The price for “Arassa” vodka (0,5 l) increased from 10 to 18 manats, i.e. by 80%.

The price for a 1 liter bottle of “Turkmen cognac” went up from 28 to 35 manats, i.e. by 25%.

The price for a bottle of “Kahor” wine(0,7 l) soared from 15 to 25 manats, i.e. by 67%.

The price for a 0.5 liter bottle of “Berk” beer increased from 6 to 11 manats, i.e. by 83%.

The price for a large bottle of “Zip” beer (1,5 l) has increased from 9 to 14 manats, or by 56%.

The producers refuse to explain the reasons behind the price hike.The owners of shops and restaurants, which buy large volumes of drinks report that entrepreneurs have been fully deprived of the opportunity to convert national currency into dollars, which is needed to buy overseas-produced flavours, preservatives and other ingredients used in the beverage manufacturing and servicing of production lines.

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