Review of price fluctuations for food products and other merchandise in Turkmenistan

“Chronicles of Turkmenistan” continues to monitor price fluctuations at Ashgabat grocery markets.

Over the past six months of 2018 prices for all groceries and merchandise have shown stable growth. Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” report that the correlation between prices and fluctuations of the dollar exchange rate at the “black market” is visible.

Below is the review of price changes in percentage terms from March to late June 2018.

Starting from January 2018 prices for vegetables increased and only in March saw some decrease. After seasonal produce appeared at the markets, prices for domestic food products almost halved.

Below are the price changes which have been recorded since March:

The price for potatoes dropped down from 3.6 to 2.4 manats (-33.33%).

Cucumbers and tomatoes — a drop from 6-7, to 2-3 manats respectively (-50%-71.4%).

Eggplants— a decrease from 5.4 to 1.4 manats (-74%).

Sweet pepper —a drop from 8 to 3.4 manats (-57.50%).

The price for beets and carrots rose from 2-1.5 to 2.2-2 manats respectively (+ 10%-33%).

At the start of the year prices for imported fruits showed a decreasing trend but since February they have been soaring with an increase of up to 120%.

The price for bananas went up from 21 to 29 manats (+38%).

Three months ago pomegranates could be purchased at 18 manats at the market but they now have disappeared from store counters. They are currently available at the shopping centre “Kyamil” at 130 manats (a price hike of +622%).

In late March red and green apples were sold at 19 to 23 manats and now they cost 33-46 manats (+74% — +100%). In early June the price for apples reached 64 manats.

The price for oranges went up from 12 to 19 manats (+58.3%).

Tangerines are available in the shopping centre “Kyamil” at 52 manats (+77%).

Prices for canned goods have increased by 47% on average since the start of the year.

The price for “Rita” brand canned pineapples went up from 14 to 18 manats (+28.5%).

The price “Rita” peas soared from 6.5 to 11.6 manats (+78.5%).

Rita corn — an increase from 8.5 to 13 manats (+53%).

“NUR” brand peas and corn — a price hike from 6-6.6 to 8-8.8 respectively (+33.3%).

“Rita” champignons — an increase from 9.4 to 17 manats (+80.8%).

The price for cheese soared by 90% on average.

The price for Gouda cheese increased from 65 to 78 manats per kilo (+20%).

The price for cheese “Cheese dynasty” and “Russian cheese” skyrocketed from 102 to 199 manats (+95.1%).

The price for “President” cheese spread (a 300 gram package) increased from 22 to 25 manats (+13.6%).

The price for vegetable oil and butter saw a price hike of 18%.

The price for “Oleina” vegetable oil (1liter) went down from 17.5 to 14.0 manats (-20%).

The price for “Rossiyanka” vegetable oil (1liter) increased from 16.00 to 17.00 manats (+6.2%).

The price for “The crown of abundance” vegetable oil (4.7 liters) slightly dropped down from 72 to 70 manats (-2,8%).

The price for “Saratov” margarine produced in Russia (150 grams) saw an increase from 2.2 to 3.3 manats (+50%).

The price for locally produced margarine “Gaymakly” (150 grams) went up from 2.5 to 3 manats (+20%).

Since the start of the year the price for flour has soared by 61%.

The price for a kilo of Kazakhstan-produced flour went up from 4.8 to 7 manats (+45.8%).

The price for a kilo of Russia-produced flour soared from 7 to 9 manats (+28.5%).

A 1 kilo pack of UNO flour — an increase from 5.8 to 7.8 manats (+34.5%).

A 5 kilo pack of “Granum” flour — a price hike from 29 to 46 manats (+58.6%).

Since the start of the year the price for pasta and cereals has seen a price hike of 35%.

The price for Russian pasta went up from 7 to 8 manats per kilo (+14.3%).

Turkmenistan-produced pasta is still sold at 5 manats per kilo.

The price for a 500 gram pack of Ankara pasta increased from 12 manats (+26.3%).

Peas — an increase from 6 to 7 manats (+16.6%).

Buckwheat — an increase from 7 to 8 manats (+14.3).

Moong dal— a price hike from 8 to 14 manats (+75%).

Prices for dairy products saw an increase of 45%.

The price for “Elin” sour cream (350 grams) increased from 5 to 6 manats (+20%).

“Gaymak” ayran (1 liter) — a price hike from 3.5 to 5 manats (+42.8%).

1% “Garpalyk” butter milk (1 liter) — an increase from 5 to 5.5 manats (+10%).

9% “Dorag” curd (250 grams) — an increase from 6.5 to7.2 manats (+10.8%).

TekSut milk (1 liter) — an increase from 9.80 to 13.5 manats (+37.8%).

In March 2018 the price hike for meat amounted to 10.3%, but from April until late June prices for meat went down by 5.3%. Thus, starting from the beginning of the year an average price hike of 5% for meat was recorded.

The price for boned beef went down from 20 to 18 manats per kilo (-10%).

Lamb is still sold at 20 manats per kilo.

Minced meat can be purchased at the market at 14 manats, which is 4 manats cheaper than before (-23%).

The price for chicken decreased from 18 to 13 manats (-27.8%).

The price for chicken drumsticks in privately-owned stores ranges from 15 to 20 manats (approximately +33%). In state-run stores they can are available very seldom and can be purchased at 8 manats per kilo.

The price for coffee rose by 55%.

The price MacCofee (20 grams) increased from 1.7 to 2.5 manats (+47%).

A jar of Jacobs coffee (190 grams) — a price increase from 60 to 80 manats (+33.3%).

A jar of Nescafe coffee (100 grams) — a price hike from 48.9 to 79 manats (+61.5%).

“Carte noire” coffee (1,8 grams) — an increase from 1.4 to 2.4 manats (+71.5%).

On average, starting from early January prices for soft drinks (juices) and alcoholic beverages went up by 70% and 24% respectively.

The price for “Akdas” tea-based drink (0,5 liter) increased from 1.5 to 2 manats (+100%).

Gosa Cynar drink (0,5 liter) — an increase from 3 to 5 manats (+ 66.7%).

The price for a 1,5 liter bottle of “Tolkun” sparkling drink skyrocketed from 2 to 4.5 (+125%),

A 1 liter bottle of Coca-Cola currently costs 8 manats in privately-owned stores, but its price reached 16 manats (-43.75%), whereas a 0,5 liter bottle of Coca-Cola is sold at 4.5 manats. Thus, starting from the beginning of the year prices increased by 157% and 200% respectively.

1 liter and 0,5 liter bottles of sugar-free Coca-cola now cost 5 and 2 manats respectively (+42.9% and 66.7%.)

The price for Jos juice (1 liter) skyrocketed from 3.8 to 12 manats (+218.8%), but now the price has dropped down to 6 manats (-50%). The price saw an increase of 58% starting from the beginning of the year.

The price for Arassa vodka (0,5 liter) went up from 17 to 22 manats (+ 29.5%).

Turkmen Konyagy cognac (1 liter) — an increase from 35 to 40 manats (+14.3%).

Berk beer (0,5 liter) — a price hike from 7 to 11 manats (+57%).

Zip beer (1,5 liters) — an increase from 11 to 14 manats (+27.3%).

The price hike for other groceries and merchandise is also noticeable:

The price for “Provansal” mayo (800 ml) skyrocketed from 15 to 25 (+66.7%) manats.

NUR mayo (800 ml) — a price hike from 11 to 15 manats (+36.4%).

HomePlus detergent (400 grams) an increase from 7 to 10 manats (+42.8%).

“Barfatan” bleacher (1 liter) —an increase from 3.5 to 8 manats (+128.5%).

The price for female NIVEA deodorant (40 ml), which was sold at 8 manats at the start of the year, has gone up again from 26 to 46 manats (+77%).

“Shauma” shampoo (380 ml) is still sold at 26 manats but now all its varieties are sold at the same price.

The price “Molped” female sanitary napkins (40 pieces), which cost 8 manats at the start of the year went up from 20 to 27 manats (+35%).

The price hike for consumer electronics is especially noticeable. For instance, Toshiba external hard drive with a memory capacity of 1TB, which cost 620 manats in March, is now sold at 1000 manats (+61,3%).

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