Records and discoveries of 2021 Grammy Award

Records and discoveries of 2021 Grammy Award

The 63rd awards ceremony of the “Grammy Award” in Los Angeles because of the difficult epidemiological situation in the USA passed for the first time a hybrid format and without spectators.

The Grammy is the musical award which is handed annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). It is considered as cinema Oscar’s analogue, and ceremony of awarding as which symbol serves gramophone, in the main evening in the world musical industry.

The opinions stated in mass-media concerning this event, are ambiguous. Some consider that the 63rd Grammy Award has not revealed new talents, has not shown fresh tendencies in development of modern music, representatives of rap and R-n-B again dominated, and executors of jazz and rock again were not successful and claimed in it.

Others notice that at the 63rd awards ceremony of “Grammy Award” some records have been established.The album “Folklore” of Taylor Swift was given the ward in the category “Album of the year”, thanks to what Swift became the first woman in the history (and the fourth after Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon), who won this prestigious category three times.

Beyoncé became the leader in number of victories among women. For all years of participation in the “Grammy award” she has got already 28 gilt gramophones. And Megan Thee Stallion the first woman-rapper of the 21st century who has won in a category “The best new performer”.

Billie Eilish, American pop star has received some figurines of “Grammy Award”, including one of the main things in a prestigious category Best record of the Year for a song Everything I Wanted, and also for the main song to the latest film about James Bond. 19-year-old Eilish became the youngest singer who has written a soundtrack to the Bondian series.

The exit of 25th film about James Bond Not time to die is planned for October, 2021.

The nomination Song of the Year was won by a composition I Can’t Breathe singers H.E.R., devoted to memory of Afro-American George Floyd killed by policemen.

The 20-year-old DJ for the first time has got to this star company of owners of the most prestigious musical award of the world also from Kazakhstan Imanbek Zeykenov, who won a category “The Best remix” with a track “Roses” of the American rapper, composer and musical producer Carlos Saint John known under pseudonym Saint Jhn.

As he has written on his Instagram Imanbek, “The finest thing in the career of the musician to win the Grammy Award, and we have made it!”

Imanbek Zeykenov known under pseudonym Imanbek was born in Aksu near Pavlodar.Until recently he worked for the railway service.Since his childhood he has been fond of music, and his father taught him to play the guitar.

He started to practice in remixes from 2017.In 2019 he became world famous thanks to the remix of the song “Roses” by Saint Jhn.The remix appeared in a considerable quantity of charts across all Europe, including Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden, and there was number 3 in world top Shazam.

According to messages of mass-media, the track “Roses” with version of Imanbek gained 234, 6 million viewings on the platform of video hosting YouTube.

Now Imanbek is the student of university in Pavlodar where he studies for speciality of “organisation of transportations”. He writes music together with the most popular actors in the world and co-operates with foreign producer centres.

The success of the young Kazakh national, like the recent victory of the ethnic Tajik girl Manizha in national selection of the representative by Russia at the 65th international song competition “Eurovision-2021” doubtless speaks of international recognition of talents from Central Asia.

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