Russia’s Vozrozhdenie Continues Construction of Anti-Mudflow Structures in Turkmen Capital

Russia’s Vozrozhdenie Continues Construction of Anti-Mudflow Structures in Turkmen Capital

The branch of Russian company Vozrozhdenie in Turkmenistan has completed a large volume of earthworks for the construction of a complex of mudflow protection structures in the capital and has begun concrete works, the official media of Turkmenistan reported on Saturday.

At this stage, the company will have to create a system of canals and pipelines, including mudflow accumulators, pumping stations, transfer, filtration and head structures, to reconstruct the existing canal, to complete road works and power supply.

In March last year, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed a decree authorizing the Hyakimlik (Administration) of Ashgabat city to conclude an agreement with the Vozrozhdenie company for the design and construction of a complex of anti-mudflow structures with the improvement of the adjacent territory on the southern part of the capital.

According to the agreement, the project must be commissioned in September 2022 year.

The project of the complex includes the construction of mudflow accumulators, with capacity of 1 to 6 million cubic meters, on the main mudflow channels.The accumulated water will then be discharged into the canals, and then outside the city through a special filtering pumping station.

The structure will completely cut off any mudflow rainwater coming from the mountains, thereby protecting the city from mudflow, according to the report.

One of the largest and oldest design institutes in Russia Sevkavgiprovodkhoz which has colossal experience in designing such structures around the world, took part in the development of design solutions for these structures, the media reports.

The Vozrozhdenie group of companies is one of the largest companies in the North-West of Russia, engaged in road transport construction, landscaping and landscaping, mining and processing of natural stone, production of building materials, investment construction.

The company registered its branch in Turkmenistan in September 2009. Since then, the company has built and commissioned more than 25 infrastructure facilities, including more than 50 kilometers of highways, 18 road junctions and bridge structures in Turkmenistan.

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