Scientists intend to recreate the mammoth

Scientists intend to recreate the mammoth

A British biotech company has announced plans to recreate the woolly mammoth. To do this, scientists intend to cross the DNA of ancient animals found in permafrost with the DNA of Asian elephants. This was reported by “MIR 24” with reference to the Daily Mail.

According to information, the first mammoth calf may be born as early as 2028. To do this, the researchers plan to transplant a sufficiently developed mammoth embryo into the body of a surrogate elephant.

According to scientists, the mammoth will be an “extremely charismatic creature” with unique properties. It will be adapted to life in the harsh conditions of the tundra and will be able to withstand cold and other natural factors.

However, the idea of recreating mammoths has drawn criticism from the scientific community. Some scientists fear that artificially introducing a new species into an existing ecosystem could lead to negative consequences.

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