SCRMET's Weekly Trades Feature Petrochemicals and Textile Sales

SCRMET's Weekly Trades Feature Petrochemicals and Textile Sales

The last week of February witnessed the sale of petrochemical, textile and agricultural products on the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan (SCRMET).

As SCRMET reported on Monday, foreign business representatives from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Türkiye, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan purchased polypropylene and base oil produced by the "Türkmennebit" (Turkmen Oil) State Concern.

Business communities from the UAE, Türkiye, and Azerbaijan acquired cotton yarn, licorice roots, regenerated fiber, and cotton spinning waste, totaling $16 million.

Turkmen entrepreneurs also procured polypropylene (from Türkmennebit), smooth-colored and jacquard terry products, bedding sets, float glass, cotton yarn, and handmade carpets for the domestic market, amounting to over 33.596 million manats.

Throughout the past week, SCRMET recorded a total of 20 transactions.

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