The Berdymukhammedovs’ family conflict. The President has dismissed his aunt from the position of CEO of the Red Crescent Society

Radio “Azatlyk” and Turkmen news report that President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdymukhammedov has dismissed his aunt, Gulnabat Dovletova (sister of his father, the former President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov), from the position of CEO of the Red Crescent Society.

The organization’s Chairperson is Maral Achilova.

According to the news outlets, Gulnabat Dovletova was fired in April, after the inauguration of Berdymukhammedov junior, who is allegedly as well-disposed to his relatives as his father was.

“Azatlyk” reports that the reason for Dovletova’s dismissal was Serdar’s strained relations with his cousin Shamurad Rejepov, who is the brother-in-law of Doveltova, who has fallen into disgrace.

Shamurad, popularly nicknamed “naughty Shammy” took advantage of Red Crescent opportunities for his own benefit. For instance, expired cigarettes, canned goods and other groceries were imported into Turkmenistan through the organization. As these products are in short supply, they quickly sold out”, the Radio reports with reference to its sources.

In early April two sources of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” also reported on the persecution of the new President’s relatives.However, some details did not correlate and so the editorial board refrained from publication.

For the time being, until the facts of the Berdymukhammedov’s family conflict have been confirmed by other media outlets, we are publishing what information we have.

According to “Azatlyk”, Dovletova was relieved from her position on 20 April. The events which sources of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” described had taken place earlier. To protect the sources, we will refrain from mentioning the exact date we received the information.

Khadjimurat and Shamurad Rejepovs (the President’s relatives) left Turkmenistan the day after the Presidential elections and have been in Dubai since early April.

It is known that all accounts owned by them as well as their business entities in Turkmenistan have been frozen.At the same time, their shopping centres and restaurants in Ashgabat continued to operate.

At that time the CEO of the Red Crescent Society Gulnabat Dovletova was asked to return about 60 million manats ($17,1 million using the official rate or $3 million at “the black market” rate) to the federal budget.

Funds allocated for the activities of the organization were then transferred to the accounts of intermediary companies, affiliated to Dovletova.She was threatened with criminal charges for unauthorized use of financial resources and material supplies of the Society.

For instance, three “KAMAZ” trucks which are owned by the Red Crescent Society are used by the companies owned by Gulbanat’s husband.Moreover, her daughter owns a shopping centre and a restaurant in Dubai, opened and operated with the Society’s funds.

At the time, Gulnabat had not yet been dismissed or brought to justice due to the protection of her mother, the President’s grandmother.

The clampdown on Gulnabat, Khadjimurat and Shamurad was initiated by Serdar Berdymukhammedov. He fears that the substantial funds accumulated by them, as well as their business ties with high-ranking officials, in law enforcement agencies inter alia, can be used against him and could destabilize the country.

Correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” have repeatedly reported on the Red Crescent Society. Below are some interesting facts about the organization:

In the autumn of 2021, 15 manats were retained from one month salary of all public sector employees and students’ stipends in Ashgabat for the benefit of the Society.

People were not informed of the purpose of the contributions and were not informed of the deductions in advance;

In August 2020 it transpired that for three years the Bairamali oil production plant in Mary velayat had donated 180 tons of cotton seed oil every six months to the organization;

Since 2021 the Society stopped the traditional Ramadan handing out of sets of groceries to people with disabilities;

Since 2020 the organization stopped giving presents to disabled women of Ashgabat in honour of the International Women’s Day on 8 March. The sets included meat products and sweets as well as vitamins and medications;

In the autumn of 2019 “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” learned that haulage trucks regularly ran between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The accompanying documents with a note “banned from inspection” were signed by Gulnabat Dovletova.

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The President has dismissed his aunt from the position of CEO of the Red Crescent Society first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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