The dollar exchange rate “at the black market” fluctuates between 17 and 20 manats

On 7 June the US dollar exchange rate, which had been relatively stable at 19,5 manats, dropped to be bought at 17.5 manats and sold at 18 manats at “the black market” of Ashgabat.

Since that time the dollar exchange rate in Turkmenistan has been volatile and has been either increasing to the previous level or going down within one day.

On 8 June in Dashoguz the US dollar exchange rate went down to 17 manats to further increase to 19.5 manats.

Later the same day the average value of the UD dollar in Ashgabat was 18-18.3 manats on average.

On 10 June the dollar exchange rates in Dashoguz rose from 20.1 manats to 20.3 manats and from 19.5 to 19.7 manats in Ashgabat.

On 12 June the dollar exchange rate in Ashgabat fluctuated between 18.7 and 19 manats per dollar.

Fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate were accompanied by rumours, speculations and panic among residents.Many believe that the US dollar might further fall to 15 manats while foreign currency speculators refuse to buy dollars because they think that the dollar value will continue its downward trend.The post The dollar exchange rate “at the black market” fluctuates between 17 and 20 manats first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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