The efficiency of livestock sector of the agricultural complex is provided by high technologies

Large livestock complex for 500 cattle and processing of 2000 milk and 120 tons of meat is located in S. A. Niyazov etrap, Dashoguz Velayat.

Efficient economic strategy and high technological equipment from leading European producers of Switzerland, Germany and Turkey helps to achieve the production plan of the farm.

The complex has its own forage base.Corn and lucerne are grown on 350 hectares of land with application of advanced agricultural equipment.Turkish seeding machines “Gunger” automatically regulating the amount of seeds per square meter are used during the sowing of corn.

High yield of the crops are provided by water sprinklers from American company Valley, which are designed for irrigation of agricultural crops including with high stem.

Use of water sprinkler systems saves labour cost and supports rational water consumption.

Milking shop of the complex with Switzerland robotized system DeLaval is an example of successful introduction of innovative technologies to production. Milking process is made by robots in each of four sections of the shop. It allows not only to increase the process but also to keep its quality of milk.

The process of cleaning of the premises for the animals from manure, which is processed into fertilizers later, is also automated.

High capacity equipment is installed in production workshops of the complex in meat section that produces different type of sausages as well as in dairy section producing pasteurized milk, yogurt, ayran, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese and other.

Innovative organisation of production process, integrated approach and flexible marketing policy provide high quality of meat and dairy production of the complex and its invariable demand on consumer market.

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