The highest paid Hollywood actors of 2023 have been named

The highest paid Hollywood actors of 2023 have been named

Adam Sandler topped the list of Hollywood's highest-paid actors in 2023, according to Forbes. His income for the year was 73 million USD. “MIR 24” reports this.

Second place in the ranking was taken by Margot Robbie, who earned 59 million USD. She received a significant part of this amount for her roles in the films “Barbie”, “Asteroid City” and “Saltburn”.

Tom Cruise closed the top three with an annual income of 45 million USD. He received 35 of them for filming the seventh part of the spy action film “Mission: Impossible: Deadly Reckoning”.

When compiling the rating, fees for filming, as well as deductions from fees, were taken into account.

Also included in the 10 highest paid actors are:

Ryan Gosling 43 million USD.

Matt Damon 43 million USD.

Jennifer Aniston 42 million USD.

Leonardo DiCaprio 41 million USD.

Jason Statham 41 million USD

Ben Affleck 38 million USD.

Denzel Washington 24 million USD.

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