The main news of Turkmenistan on January 11 Turkmenportal

The main news of Turkmenistan on January 11  Turkmenportal

The Iranian Railway Agency paid off debts to Turkmenistan, World Hindi Day was celebrated in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia signed an Agreement on the Hajj in 2024 and other news


1. The “Islamic Republic of Iran Railways” Agency has fully paid off its railway debts to Turkmenistan. The head of the department, Miad Salehi, said at a meeting of the administrative council of the northwestern railways of Iran.

2.The Office of the Mufti of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed an Agreement on the performance of Hajj in 2024.

The document was signed during the visit of the Turkmen delegation to Jeddah on January 8-11 to participate in the international conference and exhibition “Hajj and Umrah Services”, which brought together representatives from more than 80 countries.

3. A solemn event dedicated to World Hindi Day was held at the Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages. Students of the institute performed songs and dances and recited poetry in Hindi.

4.A series of fashion shows from leading national designers dedicated to the inclusion of the Turkmen capital in the UNESCO network of creative cities has ended in Ashgabat.

The president of the French Fashion Association, Hind Joudar, took part in the fashion show.She noted that Turkmen design and Turkmen fashion have acquired their own identity, and called for maintaining a combination of national style with modern trends in the fashion world.

In addition, Joudar noted the high professional level of Turkmen designers.

5.The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan has approved a new Procedure for maintaining the state cadastre of hunting resources.The procedure is designed to systematize information about wild animals that are objects of hunting in a single register.

The purpose of the order is to ensure the rational, sustainable use of such wealth and strengthen state control over their preservation and reproduction.


6. Brussels authorities have decided to replace snacks and soda in metro vending machines with healthier products - dried fruits and whole grain bread. As an experiment, such machines will be installed at three stations at the end of January. If the experiment is successful, by the end of the year healthy snacks will appear at all metro stations.

7.Hundreds of volunteers in north-west Spain have taken to beaches to clear plastic pellets that have washed ashore.In December, several multi-ton containers of granular plastic fell overboard from a merchant ship sailing in Portuguese territorial waters.

These pellets are used to make everyday items, but they are toxic and do not biodegrade.The Spaniards decided not to wait for government action and began cleaning the beaches themselves.

The granules are collected using gloves and ordinary colanders.


8.The first semi-final match of the English League Cup between “Liverpool” and “Fulham” was held at “Anfield”.The match ended in victory for the hosts with a score of 2:1.

The meeting was broadcast live by the “Turkmenistan Sport” TV channel.In the 19th minute, the visitors took the lead Willian scored after a pass from Andreas Pereira.

However, in the second half, Jurgen Klopp's team managed to turn the tide of the match.The English League Cup semi-final return match between “Liverpool” and “Fulham” will be held on January 24 in London.

9. The Brazilian Football Confederation announced the appointment of 61 years old Dorival Junior as head coach of the national team. Dorival left his position as coach of the “Sao Paulo” club and replaced Fernando Diniz, who was dismissed on January 5, in the national team. Under Diniz, the Brazilians won only 2 victories in 6 matches.

10.In the first semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup, “Real” beat “Atlético” with a score of 5:3 in extra time.The main time of the match ended with the score 3:3, the victory for the “royal club” in overtime was brought by goals from Joselu and Diaz. “Barcelona” and “Osasuna” will meet in the second semi-final on January 11.

The Spanish Super Cup final will be held on January 14 in Riyadh.

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