The most popular and unusual names in 2020 in Mary have been named

The most popular and unusual names in 2020 in Mary have been named

Experts from the Mary Civil Registry Office have named the most popular names chosen by the parents for the newborns to the “Turkmenportal” correspondent. The names Alihan and Aynur became leaders in the past year.

The TOP-5 popular male and female names also included Muhammadali, Selim, Osman and Emir, as well as Medina, Ayperi, Melek and Nurana.

Newborn girls in 2020 were most often given names: Aygul, Maryam, Aisha, Aymelek, Hatija, Menli, Jennet, Zuleyha, Elif, Humay, boys in addition to the five popular names - Suleyman, Abdurahman, Emin, Davut, Omar, Serdar, Rahim, Arslan, Ahmed, Kemal, Yusup, Yunus.

The rarest and most unusual names in 2020 among girls are Ziyada, Ariana, Milan, Zubeyda, Zeynep, Sheyda, Evangelina, Enara, Gulpam, Halima, Sofia, Gunel, Pamyk, Elvan, Amelia, Rabia, Zara, Sada, Yasar, Aylin, Esmanur, Ulker, Saida, among the boys - Mejit, Emil, Keramat, Gudrat, Seljuk, Tarhan, Salamat, Bilal, Salih, Habib, Eyyup, Dana, Amir, Elman, Nuran.

Parents gave newborns and compound names, such as - Ogulgerek, Guljemal, Orazgul, Annageldi, Nurmuhammet, Jumamyrat.

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