The new health House was opened in Keshi residential area

The three-floor building situated in the center of the new massif, organic completing social and domestic complex of the buildings quickly developing on the west of the capital of housing allocation block.

The new medical facility designed for 60 thousand visits per shift, supplied with the most modern equipment from international manufacturers.The company “Hospitalia international” (Frankfurt, Germany) the main supplier of the equipping for one of the largest medical centers of the capital provided the equipment for roentgen and ultrasonic from German company “Siemens”, dental from “Siron”, devices for endoscopy from the company “Stern”.

High technology diagnostic equipment makes possible to conduct wide range of examinations.The new medical facility includes physiotherapeutic departments for rehabilitation of the day patients with joint, skin cover and nervous system diseases, day patient facility, Phyto-bar, which offers teas from medical plants growing in Turkmenistan.

Two new health Houses put into operation this year on the Andalib Street and in the “Mir-7” residential area. These medical facilities designed for servicing of 40 thousand visits per shift each. By the end of the year, one more health House starts reception of the inhabitants “Tyase oba” residential area.

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