Social infrastructure facilities come into operation in regions and Ashgabat

It has become a proud tradition to formally open newly-constructed buildings and facilities to mark official holidays. This testifies to Turkmenistan’s enormous economic potential and demonstrates the efficiency of the comprehensive reforms ongoing in all spheres in the country.

A new shopping center, Bereketli, with a market has opened its doors in Ashgabat’s residential neighborhood Parakhat-7. The complex’s roofed market area houses retail units selling vegetables, fruits, melons, watermelons, pumpkins, and greens the bounties of fertile Turkmen land. Butcher and fish stalls are also at the disposal of shoppers here.

The complex boasts 280 outlets, which offer a large selection of industrial and food products, including clothes, shoes, textiles, printed materials, furniture, household cleaning products, electrical goods, building materials, and others.

The shopping center is home to more than twenty catering establishments, a cafe serving a big variety of drinks and pastry, plus a banquet hall. The complex has created multiple new jobs.

The new Bereketli Shopping Center that offers a wide spectrum of quality customer services is a worthy addition to the growing social infrastructure of the large residential area in the south-east of Ashgabat.

Today, another newly-built facility has opened in Ashgabat. The 3-story Health Center celebrated its grand opening in the residential neighborhood Keshi. It will provide medical care to those living in one of the fast-developing residential areas in the south of Ashgabat.

Together with three family medicine departments, the center boasts the surgery, antenatal care, dental, diagnostic, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, and rehabilitation departments, and laboratories.

Along with family therapists, many medical specialists, including an ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neuropathologist, surgeon, endocrinologist, oncologist, cardiologist, urologist, orthopedist, gynecologist, and others will see patients. The center’s medical care scheme is designed to deliver a whole spectrum of modern professional services and address health needs of every patient.

Today, a new residential building has also been formally opened in the capital. Just like in other regions of the country, it was built as part of the housing program for people with disabilities and other population groups, who specifically require social support (launched in Turkmenistan this January in accordance with the Order of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov).

The new four-story 48-apartment building with all present-day amenities is in the Eight Residential District.The apartments are solely designed to meet special needs of their dwellers.

The apartment house is conveniently located just a short distance away from a market and, most importantly, from a 420-seat educational institution with a rehabilitation center and the Galkynysh Sports Complex.

A grand ceremony was held in the town of Anau, Ak Bugdai etrap to hand over keys to new apartments to their owners.

The four-story 32-apartment building that offers a high standard of comfort is a new addition to the town’s housing stock. Each apartment has all modern conveniences for the dwellers enhanced interior layout, power-, water- and heat-supply systems, necessary facilities, and built-in furniture.

The area adjacent to the building received much care and attention as well. It is well tended and landscaped. The apartment house is conveniently accessible to motor transport and walkers. There are parking lots and specially designated sites to hold events.

Today, the city of Tejen in Akhal velayat has hosted festivities to mark the opening of a new 48-apartment building specifically designed for physically challenged people and other population groups who require social support.

Health Center No. 1 has newly re-opened in the city of Balkanabat. By order of Balkan velayat khyakimlik, the building has undergone complete renovation. The renovation project was implemented by builders of a construction firm called Galkan.

The Health Center complies with the World Health Organization standards. The three-story building has everything necessary to provide effective specialist treatment to patients, carry out thorough medical examinations to make an accurate diagnosis, and offer rehabilitation services.

Today’s ceremony of opening a modern dwelling building in the western region’s administrative center had a unique local flavor. The four-story building and its 48 one- and two-room apartments are specially adapted for physically disabled people.

A new apartment house (for disabled people and other population groups who need special government assistance) has opened officially in the northern region’s administrative center, the city of Dashoguz.

The four-story building with 48 one-, two- and three-room apartments was constructed by builders of a local enterprise directly managed by Turkmendemirbetononumleri Production Association. The apartment house is located in a new residential neighborhood with well-developed infrastructure, which is currently being built in the south-west of the city.

Later in the day, the city of Dashoguz also hosted the grand opening of new buildings of a state-of-the-art business center, built by Tumar (a private enterprise) by order of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

The newly-opened complex consists of several many-story buildings with a central 5-story building that accommodates a regional office of the Union, its business school, a branch of the Rysgal Joint-Stock Commercial Bank on the lower floors. Offices of business organizations occupy the top floors of the building. Nearby is a comfortable two-story hotel.

On either side of the main structure there are two three-story buildings.One of them is a Toi Mekany building, designed to hold celebration events.Its first and second floors house spacious 200- and 500-seat banquet halls with kitchen and storage facilities.

The third floor houses a beauty salon, a photographer’s studio and service premises.The building also has a billiard room and a small cinema hall.

Inside the other building are a shopping and entertainment center, and shops that offer a wide choice of industrial and food products, including well-known domestic and foreign brands.

Lebap velayat also hosted a series of grand opening events.In the city of Turkmenabat, a new 4-story apartment house (for handicapped people and other citizens who require social support) was the first to celebrate its formal opening.

Built nearby the regional diagnostic center and the cutting-edge emergency center, the building has 48 single-, two- and three-room apartments with large light rooms and well-equipped kitchens that provide excellent disabled facilities.

During the inauguration of two four-story residential buildings with 24 apartments each, proud owners received keys to their new apartments.

Besides, a complex of beautiful buildings erected in Turkmenabat’s central street, Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, has become a new addition to the city’s architectural landmarks.

It is a business, shopping and recreation center named “Lebap” that belongs to a regional division of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.The 5-story building houses offices of the Rysgal Joint-Stock Commercial Bank and the Union.

A business school is to be opened soon here.It will be equipped with up-to-date office appliances, textbooks and other teaching materials.

Today, the administrative center of Halach etrap has held a ceremony to mark the renovation and commissioning of new production facilities at the carpet factory that now boasts the latest carpet weaving machines. Built by specialists of Altyn Gum (a private enterprise), the factory’s premises have a first-aid room, shower rooms and a recreation room.

A state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse has come into operation in the city of Mary. It has a capacity of 3,000 tons of fruits and vegetables.

Constructed by builders of a local private enterprise (by order of the State Food Industry Association), the facility is tooled with special equipment from leading manufacturers in Germany, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

The refrigerated warehouse consists of 23 storage chambers: 12 - for fruits; 7 - for vegetables and 4 - for pre-refrigeration.The facility is equipped with three automated sorting and packing lines.

All storage premises have storage racks, and special storage containers.Lift trucks and refrigerated trucks (with different load capacity) are used to handle loading/uploading operations and deliver products to consumers.

The warehouse received eight new refrigerated trucks and four lift trucks as gifts from the President of Turkmenistan during the opening ceremony timed to coincide with International Neutrality Day.

Today, a new 48-apartment building (designed for physically challenged people and other population groups who require social support) has been officially opened in the city of Mary.

A new children’s recreational park was inaugurated in the administrative center of Iolotan etrap to mark the grand occasion.

Located in the heart of the town, the beautifully landscaped park is now home to 2,000-plus young coniferous and deciduous trees, as well as flowers. Designed in line with innovative engineering solutions and with the use of ecologically clean materials, the park is the unique creation inspired and shaped by landscape architecture.

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