Topical exposition is expanded for the participants and guest of the Asian Games in the Museum Of Visual Arts

Exhibition of the pictures and small shape sculptures is expanded in the Museum of Visual Art these days. The collection of Turkmen painters is aimed, first of all, at introduction of the nature of Turkmenistan, traditions of its hospitable and friendly people including the ardour for sports as an integral part of life of Turkmenistan citizens to foreign visitors.

The exhibition is opened by the work of student of the Academy of Arts Lachyn Bayliyeva “Healthy Generation Strong State”. It demonstrates the group of cyclists running fast along the road encircling the Olympic village facilities. There are many air, heat and dynamics in the picture highlighted by the reflection on wet asphalt.

Cycling subject was continued by the work of Chary Ovvayev “Before the Start”.The coach gives last instructions to the team of racing cyclists before important competition.The artist presented team psychological portrait of the sportsmen.

They all aim to win but everyone worry about coming contest.The painter tried to show that life of the sportsman is not only wins or loses but also the anxiety before the start from the perception of huge responsibility.

The picture of People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Annadurdy Almamedov “Fight for Ball” demonstrate exciting moment that mainly effects the result of the competition. The attention of the spectator is focused on exited struggle of sportsmen to possess the ball.

“The First Meeting” by Juma Bekdurdiyev, where the painter captured the training of freshmenArtist Jumamurat Muhammetnazarov presented several of his works at the exhibition and each of them is worth separate story. “Turkmen Hunting Dogs” is one of them.

The hunting takes places in the desert in the spring what is indicated by the place, which is heavily covered by the vegetation by desert standards.Two dogs - the tazy, and falcon are portrayed in the moment of their hunting triumph.

The picture is made in classic western European painting style.

Two beautiful still lifes are located next to the picture. Their main characters - the grapes and apples, impress the visitors of the exhibition with juicy flesh of the fruits. The berries of the wine brunch shines from inside with appetite nectar juice. Maximum reality that goes far to the academism of style rises increased interest.

The funds of the Museum of Visual Arts of Turkmenistan keep the works of Turkmen masters capturing the beauty of trained body and spirit in small plastic art.Even though these works were made relatively recently by the sculptors, they have gained new wind during Ashgabat Games.

Let’s take for example the sculpture by Mikhail Novikov “Before the Start” where the artist represented the sprinter.Left hand of the athlete is lifted while his head is lowered down, he is waiting for the start signal and once it is given he will run as a wind to the finish to reach it first.

Another sculpture presents rascal boy wearing loose wrestling pants and making his first steps in the sport.Imitating the adults, he confidently put his hands on his waist waiting for the rival.

His look is strong and resolute.It seems as if he is challenging the participants saying that there is nobody brave enough to step out and wrestle with him.

Agameret Garayev is his funny work “Palvan” used the bronze, which colour imitated natural suntan of the boy and give the realism to his figure.

Stately girl in combat posture, as if an ancient Amazon, holds the bow in front of her drawing invisible string by free hand.The look of the archer is so concentrated on the target that nothing can distract her from the aim.

Even though the case is full of arrows, she has to strike the target from the first shoot.Mommy Seiytmyradov casted his “Archer” in aluminium, which silvery shade effectively highlighted the shape of slim and young body.

Martial arts have always been honoured by our ancestors; bow shooting, wrestling and other competitions traditionally attracted many participants and spectators. The spirit of competition, excitement and yearning to reach the target is in the mentality of Turkmen nation.

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