Turkmen Confectionary Brand Balam Attends International Exhibition Worldfood Moscow

Turkmen Confectionary Brand Balam Attends International Exhibition Worldfood Moscow

Turkmen confectionery enterprise Balam takes part in the 31st international autumn foodstuffs exhibition WorldFood Moscow that takes place on September 20-23 at the exhibition hall Crocus Expo in Moscow, Russia.

The founder of the confectionery company Balam is entrepreneur Amandursun Begjanova, which also operates a Halk Market supermarket chain and Balhan enterprise, the producer of frozen foods, the manager of the Halk Market Ogulsuray Babayeva told Business Turkmenistan.

Operating since 2016, Balam produces confectionery products in its workshop in Turkmen capital Ashgabat. Its workshop, equipped with modern Swiss machinery, is capable of producing 2.5 thousand tons of products per month.

The product range consists of over 100 food items, including puff pastry, sand dough, muffins, bread, oriental sweets and cakes. The company exports its confectionery products to Kazakhstan.

In addition, Entrepreneur Amandursun Begjanova’s Balhan company has established production of frozen foods such as corn, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and French fries.

The Halk Market supermarket chain, Balam and Balhan companies are also presented their achievements at the exhibition marking the 31st anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence that took place in Ashgabat on September 20-21.

WorldFood Moscow is the largest in Russia International autumn food exhibition, the main place for meeting and exchange of experience of Russian and foreign food market leaders. This year, the exhibition brought together more than 700 companies producers and suppliers of food from 24 countries and 54 regions of Russia.

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