Turkmen masters of martial arts are preparing for the Asian Championship in hand-to-hand fight

The capital's sports complex "Galkynysh" hosted the open championship of Ashgabat for universal combat.The tournament is organized in preparation for the Asian Hand-to-Hand Fight Championship, which will be held from 10 to 12 November in Tashkent.

In this connection, the rules of the competition were slightly changed and approximated to the rules of the upcoming continental championship.

The participants of the championship - about 100 athletes from the Akhal, Balkan regions and Ashgabat - wrestled for medals in several age groups - among children (up to 10 years), juniors (under 18) and men.

In the course of the fights the best training was demonstrated by the capital's martial arts masters who won most gold medals.The trainee of Honored coach of Turkmenistan Orif Buharakova, as well as Rustam Kuraev, Orazgeldy Orazgeldiyev and Vardan Petrosyan reached 22 times the highest degree.

Another four awards of the highest degree is in the asset of the trainee of Sapardurdy Rahmanberdiyev - the senior coach of the Balkan region team.

An exciting struggle developed in the men's group. The Ashgabat residents showed 100% result, having won victories in all weight categories - Arslan Annagylyzhov (up to 60 kg), Kemal Jumaguliyev (up to 80 kg), Sapargeldi Nurybayev (up to 85 kg) and Merdan Gurbanov (over 90 kg).

The martial art sport discipline is relatively young: the International Federation of Hand-to-Hand Fight (IFHF) was established in 2006. One of the main differences of the new sport is that during a duel rivals can plant each other only to the body. It is forbidden to use most stifling and painful techniques.

In our country, there is not yet corresponding organization, work in this direction is conducted.The IFHF has approved a special Certificate confirming that the Martial Arts Federation (Hanmudo) in Turkmenistan has the right to develop hand-to-hand fighting in the country and organize competitions for this kind of martial arts.

The certificate also gives the right to Turkmen athletes to participate in all competitions at the international level held under the auspices of the IFHF.

The chairman of the National Martial Arts Federation (Hanmudo) Orif Bukharakov’s opinion our masters have all chances to represent the country with dignity at the upcoming Asian Championship.

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