Turkmen School of Billiards: realities and prospects

Turkmen School of Billiards: realities and prospects

A few days ago, Ashgabat hosted an Open Billiards Championship of Turkmenistan in the “Free pyramid” discipline.The sports event brought together 90 billiards players from all regions of the country.

Ibabekir Bekdurdyev, the winner of the 2017 Asian Games, won the first place in the competition, Begench Jumaklychev took the second position, and Serdar Ilamanov (Mary) and Batyr Ashirov (Ashgabat) shared the third place.

Billiards sport in Turkmenistan is actively developing, and every year it becomes more and more popular among young people. This passion is due to the fact that Billiards has no age restrictions and in a competitive match, everyone may contest both old and young.

ORIENT spoke to the Secretary of the Turkmen Billiards Federation, Yevgeny Kazakov, who told us what skills you need to become a professional billiards player, and where you can learn it in Turkmenistan.

During the years of formation of the National Billiards Center and creation of the Billiards Sports Federation of Turkmenistan in 2015, almost all towns of the country have their own billiard clubs where future champions train.

“The National Billiards Team of Turkmenistan is real connoisseurs of this game, says Yevgeny Kazakov.Our players often attend international competitions and try to improve their qualification level by studying with invited well-known coaches.

So, before Asiada-2017 our team was coached by World Billiards Champion, Yernar Chimbaev from Kazakhstan.As for classes, we constantly receive newcomers, who are always welcome.”

Many novice billiards players visit the club to learn the rules of an exciting and interesting game.To train in the Billiards Center, you only need the presence and attention of the player, the whole inventory cue, balls, chalk and, properly, a billiard table are provided by the sports club.

Billiards is a very expensive and prestigious sport, and the poor quality of the equipment used immediately affects the game.

“We have training bases and excellent billiards tables in the Ashgabat Olympic Village, continues Mr.Yevgeny.The popularity of the sport is growing even among very young players.

For example, 12-year-old boys already take first places in the domestic championships, and they start training from the age of 8.We have both age players and girls who show no less interest in Billiards.

However, it is difficult for girls to find a partner for the game, equal in strength of the stroke.It only seems that the game of Billiards is simple and easy, in fact, it is very important to be cool and focused.”

Billiards is akin to chess, and it falls into the category of intellectual, didactic games. The player must have a lot of knowledge from geometry to physics. Setting the hand, working out complex and accurate strokes, the correct playing position of the player at the table all this and much more are practiced over the years.

The Billiards Sports Federation of Turkmenistan invites everyone interested in this game to improve your level in this sport, both amateurs and professionals. You can become a full member of the billiard club. If you have any questions, please call: +99312 34-94-39.

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