Turkmenabat’s kindergartens have no heating in sub-zero temperatures

Last week, when subzero temperatures were recorded in Turkmenistan, central heating was cut off in the majority of Turkmenabat’s day care centres and there is still no heating in kindergartens №№5, 8, 11, according to correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

Kindergarten teachers are trying to heat the premises with the help of electric heaters but electrical supply networks are unable to maintain high voltage because electric cookers are installed in kitchens and washing machines – in laundry rooms.

Because equipment consumes a lot of electric power, electric heaters are switched on in classrooms for 2 to 3 rooms by turns.

Kindergarten teachers ask parents to make sure children wear warm clothes.

Central heating is cut off every winter because of worn-out equipment and pipes even if there are no severe frosts as this year.

Back in 2018 kindergarten principals submitted a letter to the municipal education department and the khyakimlik’s office with a request to build boiler houses for pre-school educational establishments. However, the local authorities have not resolved the problem so far.

Let us recall that on 14 March temperatures, which are abnormal for mid March, were recorded in Turkmenistan.

As of 14 March the lowest temperatures were recorded in Ashgabat (-5,8 degrees), Turkmenabat (-8,6 degrees), Turkmenbashi (-5,9 degrees) and some other regions.The post Turkmenabat’s kindergartens have no heating in sub-zero temperatures first appeared on Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

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