Turkmenistan’s Abadan Haly Broadens Its Carpet Range

Turkmenistan’s Abadan Haly Broadens Its Carpet Range

Abadan Haly Open Joint Stock Company, the largest manufacturer of carpets and textile floor coverings in Turkmenistan, has recently introduced new carpet types called Kerwenli, Nusaý, and Güneş, the company told Business Turkmenistan.

The Abadan Haly carpet production complex was established in February 2016 and its products are also exported to various foreign countries.

The company sources polypropylene, a key material used in carpet production, from the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries. Other necessary raw materials, including jute, dye, synthetic fiber, and glue, are procured from leading companies based in Turkey, Bangladesh, and Europe.

The carpets produced by Abadan Haly, such as Owadan, Sähra, Tolkun, Kümüş, Kerwen, Pasyl, and Tomus, have gained significant popularity among consumers. These carpets are designed for home decoration, car seats, and office furniture.

Abadan Haly carpets stand out from imported carpets in terms of density, thickness, color stability, elegance, and durability.

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