Turkmenistan Starts Recognizing European Educational Diplomas

Turkmenistan Starts Recognizing European Educational Diplomas

The President of Turkmenistan signed Decree on the recognition of professional qualifications of higher education in the European region, official Turkmen media reported on Tuesday.

Under the Decree, the Innovation and Information Center of the Ministry of Education was determined as the institution authorized to carry out the functions of national information centers specified in the relevant Convention.

The document was signed to provide Turkmenistan workers with higher and secondary vocational education, improve the recognition of documents on higher and secondary vocational education issued by foreign countries in Turkmenistan, as well as meet the obligations arising from the Convention.

The document also instructed the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice to prepare and submit proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers within a month for amendments and additions to Turkmenistan's legislation based on this Decree.

Turkmenistan acceded to this convention in November 2022. This will allow graduates who studied in the European region to continue their studies within the national education system and obtain a subsequent degree.

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