Two new Chinese-made locomotives have arrived in Turkmenistan

Two new Chinese-made locomotives have arrived in Turkmenistan

The first two diesel locomotives out of fifteen purchased by “Demiryollary” OJSC from the Chinese company CRRC Ziyang CO., LTD have replenished the fleet of freight locomotives of the agency, reports “Media-Turkmen” news agency. By the end of January 2023, all 15 diesel locomotives will arrive in Turkmenistan.

“Demiryollary” OJSC is also waiting for the arrival of five diesel locomotives manufactured at the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant.

The speed developed by diesel locomotives purchased in China reaches 100 km/h, and the power is 1600 kW higher than similar machines used in Turkmenistan. This will increase the volume of goods transported both within the country and in transit to neighboring countries.

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