Two new locomotives of Russian production arrived in Turkmenistan

Two new locomotives of Russian production arrived in Turkmenistan

A Russian-made TEP70BS passenger diesel locomotive and a 2TE25KM mainline freight locomotive 2TE25KM have arrived in Turkmenistan, the “Vatan” news program of Turkmen television reported.

The arrival of new locomotives was greeted in accordance with the original national traditions and customs, the inherent attributes of which are shedding flour, tying an aladja amulet.

The delivery was carried out in accordance with the contracts concluded in October and November 2020 between “Demiryollary” CJSC and “Transmashholding” JSC.

“Transmashholding” supplies freight and passenger diesel locomotives to Turkmenistan for the first time since the company was founded.

Diesel locomotives TEP70BS are intended for driving passenger trains on main-line railways of 1520 mm gauge.Produced at the Kolomna plant.TEP70BS of the current modification is equipped with a two-wire power supply system for passenger cars, which makes it possible to use it with modern series cars, primarily double-deck cars.

The power of the locomotives is 2942 kW (4000 hp) per section.The control system allows, when working on the system of many units, one team of drivers to control two locomotives from the cab of the leading diesel locomotive.

The equipment is used for passenger transportation on the main railways of Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Uzbekistan.

Diesel locomotive 2TE25 KM is a two-section mainline freight locomotive with AC-DC electric transmission.Produced at the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant.The locomotive is capable of driving trains weighing up to 6400 tons and has managed to prove itself well in different climatic zones.

Diesel locomotives 2TE25 KM are widely used on the railways of Russia and Mongolia, large industrial enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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