14.01.2021 | Events on occasion of the opening of international transport, energy and communication lines

The events on occasion of the opening of 30-km railroad between Akina and Andhoy stations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 153-km 500 KV power line between Kerky (Turkmenistan) and Shibargan (Afghanistan) as well as international fiber optic Ymamnazar Akina and Serhetabat Turgundy communication lines have been held in Turkmenabat on January 14.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani have taken part in the ceremonies.

Video conference session, which united the participants of the opening ceremonies in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, has been organized in the Ruhiyet Palace, Lebap Region.

The hosts have welcomed the Presidents of two states and Turkmen and Dari languages and announced the opening of the ceremony.

First, Turkmen leader has made a speech.

Addressing his colleague Mohammad Ashraf Ghani with words “Dear Brother” and to other participants of the event, the Head of Turkmen state has noted that it is a big holiday in life of two countries on this day.

The construction of three big facilities railroad between Akina and Andhoy stations, Kerky Shibargan power line as well as international fiber optic communication system and transit routes Ymamnazar Akina and Serhetabat Turgundy, is accomplished.

Having cordially congratulated all on this remarkable event, the Head of Turkmenistan expressed gratitude to Turkmen and Afghan specialists for major work, which has been performed with big skills, both in development and implementation of these perspective projects.

The Leader of the Nation has noted that all projects have been accomplished for the short period and that they have common goals to give strong impulse to long-term development of our countries, to support prosperity and wealth of Turkmen and Afghan people, wide international cooperation, understanding, stable political and social progress.

The Leader of the Nation has assured Afghan brothers, friends and partners in the region and world that Turkmenistan would continue providing comprehensive economic, political and diplomatic support to Afghanistan bot on bilateral basis and in the aspect of consolidation of international efforts for achievements of these goals.

Realization of such important projects is a result of long close and efficient Turkmen Afghan cooperation, Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said, having highlighted that we are proud of fruitful, equal and truly fraternal relations with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and highly appreciate these relations.

In this context, the Leader of the Nation has outlined such noticeable projects as construction of Turkmenistan - Afghanistan Pakistan India gas pipeline, Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan power and fiber optic lines, Lapis Lazuli transport corridor.

Turkmen leader has expressed gratitude to President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani for support of these projects and big personal contribution to their realization.

Addressing the participants of the event, the Head of the State has noted that development of energy and transboundary transport and communication systems is an actual term of dynamic economic growth of our states. This is an important foundation for improvement of wealth of the people, opening of additional work places, attraction of big foreign investments.

Realization of such projects fully complies with long-term strategy of the United Nations, which also covers the provision of stability and sustainable development of Central and Southern Asia region and neighboring countries, Turkmen leader said.

Implementation of similar projects will create favorable conditions for cooperation of Afghanistan with such major structures and associations as Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Economic Cooperation Organization, Commonwealth of Independent States, and Eurasian Economic Community.

We have every right to be proud of the result of this partnership, the Head of the State said, having cordially congratulated the participants on current glorious event and wished new great success to all.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has also addressed President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the wishes of peace and prosperity to Afghan people.

As a symbol of Turkmen Afghan friendship, the Leader of the Nation has blessed the opening of the railroad between Akina and Andhoy stations, Kerky Shibargan power line and international fiber optic communication system Ymamnazar - Akina and Serhetabat Turgundy.

Further, the floor was given to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

Having greeted the participants of the ceremony, the Head of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan noted that current relations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan have been significantly expanded and expressed gratitude on behalf of Afghan people of the good will of the President of Turkmenistan.

Opening of Akina Andhoy railroad and other infrastructural projects between two countries are significant measures on the way of further expansion of cooperation and are important parts of our perspective of regional relations and integration, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said.

It is great honor for Afghanistan to resume its old relations with the countries of Central Asia after hundred years, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan highlighted, having noted that friendship with Turkmenistan is highly appreciated by the Government and people of Afghanistan.

“Seven years ago when I was running for the President, I was asked what I would start mu foreign policy with.I said from Turkmenistan.This statement has surprised many local and foreign politicians.

I am confident that today, seeing wide relations between two fraternal neighboring countries, they have understood the truth of my answer”, - Head of friendly country Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said.

Afghanistan and Turkmenistan are united by old relations, which have been successful throughout the history. Current bilateral relations, which are based on deep understanding of national interests and requirements of each other are continued and look to the future.

In addition to cultural and historical similarity, our countries develop economic projects, which would support further strengthening of the relations.

All of these would improve living conditions of Afghan people and situations in the countries of the region, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani highlighted, having noted that these programs would make corridors of development and social wealth, which would allow Asfghanistan growing rapidly.

He has noted the important of the location of Afghanistan on the intersection of the routes connecting Central Asia with South, East and West Asia.

We strive to turn Afghanistan into regional intersection and undoubtedly, Turkmenistan, which has achieved great success in this sphere and being our good neighbor and strategic partner, would be able to make significant input in this direction, Afghan leader said.

Under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmenistan has tuned not only into regional center but also plays the key role in establishment of connecting point of the region with the world, the Head of neighboring country noted.

On behalf of the Government and people of the country, the President of Afghanistan has expressed deep gratitude to Turkmen leader for establishment of solid relations and cooperation under big programs and projects, their financing and realization.

Today, we are the witnesses of the opening of Akina Andhoy railroad. Other similar projects would be implemented in the nearest future, which will turn Afghanistan into regional intersection, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expressed his confidence.

The level of relations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan has grown up from good neighborliness to strategic partnership and there is sufficient motivation for its development. According to Afghan leader, the promotion of the status of Turkmen consulates to General consulates in Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif would support further strengthening of the partnership.

Turkmenistan strives to make its contribution of Afghan peace process and snce 2013, always urges to conduct the round of talks on this subject in Ashgabat, the President of Afghanistan said.

Once again noting exclusive importance of cooperation between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, Afghan leader has highlighted that this cooperation is successfully developed in tri-lateral format (Afghanistan Turkmenistan USA), (Afghanistan Turkmenistan Iran), (Afghanistan Turkmenistan Azerbaijan) and under regional and international organizations.

The facilities, which are put into operation, are also very important for regional integration, development of economic relations between our countries, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani noted, having highlighted that we are ready to open TAPI and TAP projects in Afghanistan in 2021 and taking the opportunity, expressed gratitude to the Government of Turkmenistan for reduction of price of electricity for TAP projects from 6 to 3.5 cents.

Such format of dialog as sister cities, which Herat and Mary could be, which would expand bilateral cultural relations, has been proposed to be implemented.

In the end of his speech, President Mohamad Ashraf Ghani has again expressed gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for permanent attention and support in realization of joint projects.

Further, officials of railway, power energy and communication industries of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have made speeches.

The Chairman of Türkmendemirýollary Agency and Head of Railroad route department of Afghanistan have reported on the readiness to put Akina Andhoy railroad into operation.

It was noted that this railway would allow activating trade between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.According to analysis made by railroad department of Afghanistan, it is expected that volume of cargo traffic would increase by 20 percent in the first year and by 50 percent in the second year of operation of the railway.

The delivery of cargo will also be increased and new work places will be opened.

It is worth to mention that current construction is a part of major transport project initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which to connect the countries of the region with further entry to railway network of China.

The first part of Asian International railway corridor Kerky Ymamnazar Akina part, has been built from June 2013 to October 2016. 85 out of 88 kilometers of this part of transnational route run across the territory of our country and other three kilometers between frontier outposts Ymamnazar and Akina.

Memorandum of Understanding on construction of Akina Andhoy railroad has been signed between Türkmendemirýollary Agency and Railway Transport Department of Afghanistan in Ashgabat on February 21, 2019 for expansion of transport infrastructure between our state and for provision of integrated logistic services to the partners from fraternal country.

Opening of 10-km railway line has been held at Akina Sation, Faryab Province in July 2019 and construction of Akina Andhoy railroad has been launched at the same time.

It is worth to make special mention that Turkmenistan has built new railroad on Afghan territory not only at own expenses but also using its own personnel and material resources like engineers, workers, railroad construction equipment and cranes, construction materials, assembled rails and sleepers, etc.

In addition to laying the rails, reserve and side lines, container terminals and other auxiliary facilities have been built on 30-km route. All project works were made by the Türkmendemirýoltaslama Construction and Research Institute of the Türkmendemirýollary Agency.

Turkmen specialists have design and built disinfection barriers, which are to provide sanitary safety of international cargo traffic, which is very important on the background of the pandemic conditions in the world these days.

In addition, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have started realization of another transport project the construction of Turgundy Herat railroad, which length is 173 kilometers. It is planned to build four railway stations, communication and announcement system and platform along this route.

Connecting new logistic routes to Akina Andhoy and Turgundy Herat railroads, their role as important links of international transport corridor, which stretches from Caspian Sea to Indian Ocean, will grow.

In this regard, the proposals of the Leader of the Nation made during video conference with participation of the Presidents of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan on use of capabilities of Lazuli Corridor transport project on July 2, 2020 have to be mentioned.

In particular, the Head of Turkmen State has proposed to open Unified Logistic Center for coordination of cargo flows and improvement of efficiency of operation of the corridor, to establish single pricing policy and to simplify customs operations using Single Window System as well as to make digital atlas of Afghanistan Turkmenistan Azerbaijan route.

Blessed by the President of Turkmenistan, the first train composed by Türkmendemirýollary Agency has set off from Akina railway station to Andhoy. The train includes 20 cargo carts and railway tanker carriers with export production of Turkmenistan, 10 of which would deliver diesel fuel, seven mineral fertilizers and three crop production to the destination point.

Further, the Minister of Energy of Turkmenistan and General Direction of the Department of Water and Energy Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, who reported to the Heads of the state on the readiness of power line from Turkmen city of Kerky to Afghan city of Shibargan to be launched, have made speeches on video conference call.

It was highlighted that this project is an important measure in establishment of energy market of Afghanistan. Infrastructure, which is necessary for increment of power energy consumption, is formed up together with Turkmenistan.

After opening of 500 KV power line, the number of people using electricity all around the country will increase to 9 million, which is an important step in reliable provision of Afghanistan with power energy.

Gas turbine power station, Kerky 500KW substation and aerial power line to Turkmen Afghan border have been built under this project according to the Resolution of the Leader of the Nation.

The Kerky substation is provided with modern equipment and innovative technologies. It has all conditions for work of personnel. Construction of these facilities has improved power supply of Lebap Region and made technical capabilities for export of energy.

In its turn, Afghan side has built necessary facilities for receiving of Turkmen electricity on its territory. At the first stage, it will be supplied to Andhoy, Shibargan and Mazar-e-Sharif and at the second stage by the beginning of 2020 to Pul-i-Khumri and Kabul.

Construction and opening of 112-km Rabatakshan Kalaynau power line with throughput capacity of 100 MW/hour in July 2018 was a bright example of actual support to Afghanistan in the last years.

National specialists have built number of power supply facilities including substations under realization of this project. Together with existing Ymamnazar Andhoy and Serhetabat Herat power lines, Rabatakshan Kalaynau line serves as an important part of energy infrastructure of neighboring country helping it on its way of economic rehabilitation.

Undoubtedly, the project of construction of Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan (TAP) power line, which is laid together with TAPI gas line is very important. The launching ceremony of the project of construction of high-voltage 220 KV power line in Mary State Power Station Herat (The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) direction has been held in Mary Region in 2019.

The video conference has been continued by the Chairman of the Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency and Minister of Communication and Information Technologies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, who reported on the readiness to commission fiber optic lines for provision of international transit routes Ymamnazar Akina and Serhetabat Turgundy (Afghanistan).

Akina Turgundy line has been connected earlier according to bilateral Agreement. Afghanistan is connected with five neighboring countries including Turkmenistan by fiber optic communication line. New line is another step in establishment of digital system of Afghanistan. This project that has been already implemented was demonstrated by video.

Necessary communication equipment has been installed during construction of fiber optic communication line according to the Memorandum and contract signed between the Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency and Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of Afghanistan and Afghan Wireless Communication Company.

Thus, DWDM equipment with 40 Gb/sec traffic has been installed between Mary and Serhetabat. 8 kilometers of fiber optic cable and units with 100 Gb/sec have been built and installed on Serhetabat Turgundy part.

Three kilometers of fiber optic communication line have been laid from Ymamnazar to Akina and communication equipment with 100 Gb/sec traffic has been installed on Kerky Akina line.

These projects have been made on the base of DWDM technology (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) multichannel fiber optic systems for transfer of international transit and local date flows.

The opportunity to increase transit network traffic through our country and to provide its transfer to Afghanistan and farther to Pakistan will be available after opening of new international fiber optic communication lines.

It will also allow increasing data speed and guaranteeing reliable communication between Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.in addition, new lines will support the increment of speed of date flow between European, Asian and Southeast Asian countries up to 100 Gb/Sec and up to Tb/sec in future.

International fiber optic communication lines will operate as the main informational bridge between Europe and Asia and will take the most part of this traffic.

After the video conference, Presidents Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Mohammad Ashraf Ghani have said warm goodbye to each other, exchanged wishes of peace, wealth and prosperity of neighboring nations, having expressed confidence that fruitful cooperation, for which all new horizons are open today, would continue successfully.

The ceremony of award of valuable gifts of personnel distinguished at the construction of Akina Andhoy railroad on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan has been held in continuation of the events on Akina Station.

In Turkmenabat, the gifts from the Head of the State have been awarded to specialists of communication sphere for high results in construction of fiber optic system from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan.

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