24.09.2017 | Turkmenistan National team has 206 prizes including 79 gold medals

Our sportsmen distinguished themselves in kickboxing, sambo, free style wrestling, power lifting and basketball having won another 13 medals including two gold ones at V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games continuing in the capital.

At the moment, Turkmenistan team is leading confidently in total count having 206 medals including 79 gold, 58 silver and 69 bronze medals.Our athlete Ahment Tanriberdiyev won the gold in sambo in weight category up to 57 kg, having overcome Rahmatjon Ahmedov from Uzbekistan in the final.

He was followed by another wrestler Charymyrat Annagurbanov (100 kg) who won Daniyar Alymjanov from Kyrgyzstan and got the gold.Bekmyrat Meredov (68 kg) and Ruslan Esgerov (90 kg) were the silver prize winners.

Muhammet Kosekov (68 kg) won the bronze.In women sambo, the bronze was taken by Lyale Nuriyeva and Dilafruz Yusupova in weight category up to 72 kg.Men and women kickboxing fights were continuing.

Maysa Gupbykova lost to Shahnaz Mirhedari from the Islamic Republic of Iran in 55 kg point-fighting discipline and got silver medal.Farida Kutlimuradova won the bronze in 56 kg full contact discipline.

Our fighter Muhammet Altybayev defeated Tinhao Feng from the People’s Republic of China in the semi-final of 63.5 kg low kick discipline and would fight for the gold now.

Two bronze medals were won by national team in free style wrestling.Batyr Borjakov in weight category of 65 kg and Dovletmyrad Orazgylyjov in weight category up to 74 kg went up to the third step of the podium.

Wrestling competitions will continue on September 25 and 26.The winners in power lifting competitions in weight categories up to 105 kg men and up to 90 kg women were defined.

Aysoltan Tochiyeva having lifted 215 kg total in jerk and snatch won silver medal, having yielded to Aileen Kikamatane from Fiji.The first medal for Turkmenistan in game sports was won by women 3 X 3 basketball team.

having lost to Thailand in the semi-final, our team contested for the bronze with Syrian team.after equal start, our players allowed other team to make dangerous lead 4:9.

However, having concentrated in time, they equalized the score first and after two-point throw by Ayna Gokova, they came forward.In the end, our girls were playing confidently and precisely.

The victory of our team 15:12 provided the third place on the podium.Thailand team won the gold, having defeated Uzbekistan in the final with 22:20 score.

Backstroke, butterfly stroke and freestyle swimming competitions on short course were continued.Our compatriot Merdan Atayev was the fifth in the final 100 backstroke.Dongwong Jeong from the Republic of Korea was the first.

In billiard, by the results of games in Russian pyramid, Ibabekir Bekdurdiyev went to the semi-final where he will meet with Yzatbek Ratbekov from Kyrgyzstan on September 25.

Women double contests have taken place in bowling.The results of our sportsmen did not allowed them passing to quarterfinal.The first place was taken by Chunlee Jung and Yuhong Jang from the PRC.

Tennis tournament is continued.Semi-final matches have brought special interest were another three finalist were defined.Sumit Nagal from India won Faruh Dustov from Uzbekistan in men single.

Aldila Sutjiadi and Beatrice Gumulya, both from Indonesia, will meet in women final.Chess single competitions have been completed.Our players Meylis Annaberdiyev and Hanjar Odeev were 11th and 21st accordingly among 44 participants of the group round where Liem Kuang Le from the PRC was a winner.

Turkmen sportsmen Bahar Halliyeva is on the 21st position followed by Myahri Geldiyeva in tournament table headed by Zhongui Tan from the PRC.Chess contests will be continued by team competitions in rapid and blitz.

Futsal finalists were also defined.Men Iran and Uzbekistan team, which won Afghanistan and Japan accordingly with 8:2 score and in thee series of penalties, will meet for the gold.

Japanese women team have taken over the IRI with 2:0 score and they would face Thailand team that won the PRC (4:1) in the final.

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