A unique internship program has been launched in Turkmenistan

A unique internship program has been launched in Turkmenistan

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Turkmenistan has launched its new unique project in the country - the Internship Program.

Within the framework of the Internship Program, 14 companies were selected that are willing and ready to accept interns for two months. Next, a competition was successfully held among students for internships in companies. Based on the results of this competition, 40 interns were selected.

From September 14 to 16, selected interns underwent training at the Union of Economists, where they became familiar with the general goals and objectives of youth internships at private enterprises in Turkmenistan.

During the training, the guys also received information about what personal qualities and skills a trainee must have in order to be successful; what it's like to work in a team; how to successfully pass an interview at a company as an intern and many more practical recommendations.

Immediately after the training, company representatives met with the trainees for interviews. Each trainee had the opportunity to offer his resume to the company of interest to him.

Based on the results of interviews, trainees will begin their work in companies on October 1.

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