Ashgabat residents invited to get the 4th dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine

Effective 1 June the mask mandate was eased in Turkmenistan. Masks are currently required to be worn in public transport and closed premises. Regular international air service is also being gradually resumed.

Healthcare practitioners from Lebap velayat have told a correspondent of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” that this situation results in the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

In the meantime, Ashgabat residents are again being invited for COVID vaccination. For instance, residents of Choganly district are recommended to get another booster shot, the fourth dosage for many residents, in the outpatient clinic №6.

State-run media outlets have neither published any announcements to get a booster nor have reported on the public health situation in Turkmenistan. The authorities of Turkmenistan still insist that no COVID-19 cases have been recorded in the country.

Because of this residents are spreading various rumours related to the pandemic and vaccination.

Below are reports unconfirmed by government officials, correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” or other independent media outlets, which are rapidly disseminated among residents. What is important is not the rumours but the lack of reliable information by the authorities which leads to reports, which are untrustworthy and dangerous for Turkmen residents.

Ashgabat residents fear to get boosted because of frequent and lengthy power outages. They believe that the vaccines, which must be stored in freezers, are not properly stored and can be hazardous for health.

There are rumours that the recreational resort Avaza will be closed ahead of schedule: according to some data, on 1 August; according to others on 1 September.

Some explain this by the fact that members of the government are on a month long holiday.The head of state usually recommends officials to spend their holidays in resorts on the Caspian Sea.

For this reason people are cautious about purchasing tickets and hotel vouchers.Travel agencies assure them that this is not going to happen but taking into account the previous experiences, when the authorities urgently introduced precautionary measures and restrictions, residents do not always trust agencies and some even return their hotel vouchers.

According to many Ashgabat residents, effective 1 August shops, markets, cafes, restaurants and the borders between the provinces will be closed again.

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