Best Aeromodelers Determined

A competitive aeromodeling season has kicked off.Ak Bugdai etrap, Akhal velayat hosted the 27th Aeromodeling Championship of Turkmenistan for two days.Modelers from the Ashgabat Aeromodeling Club, the Military Institute, the Children’s Art Center of the capital’s Byuzmein etrap, Geoktepe etrap, and the city of Turkmenbashi were among those flying model planes.

The first day saw the youngest model aircraft makers compete flying free-flight gliders and airplanes.Ruslan Avetisov, a student of Ashgabat School No. 44, whose glider remained airborne longest, became a winner.

In a category of fuselage built-up models, Ashgabat residents Kerim Nazarov, Yusup Annaniyazov and Guvanch Charyyarov (from Schools No. 52, 27 and 93 respectively) were named the best.

Bayram Berdymuradov, a schoolboy from Geokdepe, came out on top among rocket modelers.His rocket reached a height greater than 100 meters above the surface and landed safely with a parachute two minutes later.

A rocket glider made by Khanguly Zamanov from a military college outperformed the others.On the second day of the championship, there was a contest for radio-controlled models.

Modelers had to launch them 8 times.An engine-powered model flew up to a definite height and then kept soaring in the air, controlled from the surface.

Each competitor had to ensure a long flight and to land their aircraft at a designated place.Master of Sport Murad Khojakuliev won first place in the hotly contested competition.

As a professional artist, he has been keen on aeromodeling since childhood.He has won many competitions in this technical sport.M.Khojakuliev shared his success with his student, Dovran Annaberdyev, who was second placed.

Diplomas of Merit of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan were awarded to the winners by head of the Ashgabat Aeromodeling Club Yoldash Annakulyev.

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