Consequences of the attack on journalist Soltan Achilova (photos)

As Radio “Azatlyk” has previously reported, on 28 November the correspondent Soltan Achilova was assaulted again in Ashgabat.

A 68 y.o. journalist had her arms twisted when she tried to take photos of the consequences of house demolitions in the residential district of Keshi.

After confiscating and, as it turned out later, damaging her camera, four men in police uniforms put Soltan in the vehicle and took her to an unknown location. After a telephone conversation of one of the police officers she was released.

Achilova memorized the vehicle license plate number — BL 30-54 AG.

As is obvious from the photo the journalist was detained in a rude manner as a big bruise can be seen on her Soltan’s hand.

This was the second attack on the correspondent this month and the fifth one over the past year. On 14 November Soltan Achilova was assaulted by unidentified individuals in civilian clothes.

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