Journalist Soltan Achilova threatened again

A correspondent of Radio “Azatlyk” Soltan Achilova has been subjected to threats and pressure again.

The Radio reports that at 11 a.m.on 27 November in the Ashgabat’s residential district of Keshi where houses had been demolished she was prevented from taking photos by an unidentified man.

Achilova wanted to leave but four men approached her and confiscated her camera.Then three more people wearing police uniform joined them and took her to an unknown location.

Achilova says that one of the police officers got off the vehicle talking to someone over the telephone. He came back to inform Achilova that she can now get back and take her camera. In Keshi her camera was returned to her but the photos had been deleted and the camera had been damaged.

Let us recall that this is the second attack on the correspondent this month and the fifth one over the past year. On 14 November Soltan Achilova was assaulted by unidentified individuals in civilian clothes.

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