EBRD'S Loan Portfolio in Turkmenistan Stands at 49 Million Euros

EBRD'S Loan Portfolio in Turkmenistan Stands at 49 Million Euros

Loan portfolio of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Turkmenistan as of first April 2022 stands at 49 million euros.

The loan portfolio is designed for implementation of 32 projects in the country, the Trend news agency reported on Wednesday with reference to the EBRD.

Most of the portfolio of projects (97% or 48 million euros) is aimed at investing in sustainable infrastructure, and 3% or one million euros for investments in financial institutions.

The EBRD is an international financial organization that has implemented more than 6.1 thousand projects worldwide. Since the beginning of the its operations in Turkmenistan, the bank has invested over 323 million euros in 88 projects.

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